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May refer to either enabling something to function with your game (typically hardware, software or combinations thereof) or providing assistance to your users / players. This tag is not intended for seeking support on existing products as such questions are generally off topic.

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How to achieve Quake moving lava effect using OpenGL under v2.0?

On the first boss fight level you could notice how lava moves what is not a surprise for a software renderer. But according to the Quake fandom, GLQuake was released in 1997, hence OpenGL had no ...
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Can we place a middleman on whatever functions are returned by WGL, EGL, or CGL?

I find myself wondering whether our PC games from the 2000s will continue to operate without a VM. To the present, GPU manufacturers have generously kept pre-3.2 OpenGL in their drivers. I'm amazed ...
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What is the expected software maintenance pattern when switching Unity versions?

What is the typical upkeep of a project made in Unity, specifically how often/how much the code needs to be updated/changed/added when a new Unity version is released and/or when your currently used ...
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Problems setting up and adding classes and compiling in UnrealEngine

I just installed UDK and Tried compiling a project in C++ at first it didn't compile I searched for it and it only said like "try again till it works" and I did then it worked "...
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What does this all mean for the enemy?

This enemy JS file in a space shooting game was part of tutorial but there was no explanation to what is does and more importantly Why. Can you please help me explain what the following mean in the ...
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How do I set bullets to shoot from the correct position on the sprite?

How can I set the bullets start position to shoot from the front right of the sprite? It is currently shooting from the top of the sprite. P.S. I'm doing a tutorial online with the sprite shooting ...
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How to add only 1 value in a list in the Update function when a GameObject is active for many frames

In my C# script, I get the active gameobjects during play mode. Those gameObjects that are active are: 1- First, I get the ones that the application has selected randomly 2- and then after the first ...
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Is it still possible to install Unity?

When trying to install Unity I am getting the following error: The download of version ... was cancelled. I checked that there are no spaces in the path. Also I can not Sign in. When I provide ...
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Pretty Sure I have Support for OpenGL 4, but it's not running. What can I do?

Many Game Engines require OpenGL to run. I have one of those. I've confirmed that the program and any benchmarks for OpenGL above OpenGL 2 fail to run. Is there, like, a way to confirm I have ...
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mobile: Is every position in percentages when you support multiple screen sizes (different aspect ratios)?

Is every position in percentages when you support different aspect ratios? Or do you do if-else statements for each aspect ratio and put absolute positions? What are the pros and cons of each?
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SDL Multiple keyboard support

I am making a game with multiplayer split screen mode using SDL. Basically, I like the idea of having each player plug in his own keyboard to the PC, set custom controls via options and being able to ...
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What are reasons for Unity3D's owners to force rich guys buying Pro version?

Well, I have to say that Unity is a really nice thing that can save one a dozen of hours on coding (letting instantly work on gameplay). But what's the idea of forcing (EULA) any party, which made ...
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Game sites that provide good community support for that game [closed]

What are examples of games sites that provide good community support for that game? That is, sites for a specific game that provide ways for players of that game for to ask questions, exchange ...
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How much longer should I support iPhone 3G?

I'm in the process of developing and releasing an iOS game, and have found that it just won't run on an iPhone 3G (don't even ask about a 2G) for many reasons. Primarily, the number of sprites and ...
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Which game portals support Unity games? [closed]

I'm considering development of some simple Unity games but am worried about distribution. Which well known game portals currently support unity?
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Which game portals support Silverlight games? [closed]

I have been looking for strong game portals that support Silverlight. Which ones are currently available?