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I cannot see my whole substance painter in any window

I cant really say anything else about it, every time I launch the program now, regardless of how, my windows show up like so:
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Baked AO in Substance Painter shows dark lines along some convex edges

A default cube exported from Blender shows this issue(several vertical lines are dark) of baked AO in Substance Painter. I encountered this issue from texturing a model with a layer of dirt where I ...
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Substance Painter: Fix color addition

Substance Painter appears to add colors together wrongly when selecting "Normal Blending Mode" The right side is what photoshop does correctly, meaning R+G+B values in the border region ...
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What is the Workflow? Blender -> Substance Painter -> Unreal Engine 4

My name is Jose and I'm pretty new to Game Art Development. I know some intermediate UE4 (both C++ and Blueprints), but my weakest point has always been the workflow to import assets from Blender and ...
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How to procedurally generate materials with text in Unity

I'm designing a virtual library that dynamically loads sections of a database and need to display text on the books. As such, I need a runtime interface to somehow load book titles and author and put ...
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What are Unity3D Substances?

I recently was a tutorial use substances in Unity3D. I understood that a Substance is a material we can dynamically manipulate at run time, but I am still unclear about it. Could someone shed some ...
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How can I stop Substance's runtime texture caching?

Procedural textures with the Substance Engine seem to update very quickly if you turn off caching, modify one exposed variable at a time, modify it frequently, and even then only after you've ...
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How can I speed up Unity3D Substance texture generation?

I'm working on an iOS/Android project in Unity3D. We're seeing some incredibly long times for generating substances between testing runs. We can run the game, but once we shut down the playback, Unity ...
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Where can I learn about Substance maps for 3ds Max 2012? [closed]

A new feature in 3ds max 2012 is Substance procedural textures. Are there any good online libraries or resources for substance maps?
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