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How do you declare a custom structure to retain field values after a scene reload?

I have the following code : ...
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How do I access a struct that resides within a struct in blueprints?

I have a struct: "FOuterStruct" This is defined in code such that it contains another struct type: ...
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C++ Class to Void Pointer, Data Lost? [closed]

Reaching out yet again for a point in the right direction. Specifically, I am casting a simple struct to a void pointer so it can be sent out on the network, but it is cutting off my second variable ...
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InputField text to string variables of a struct

So, here's my issue. I have a class that contains a struct. This struct contains about 7 different string variables. I can set the values of these variables via a constructor that takes the struct ...
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Is replacing a struct field in a class generating garbage using C#?

I am somewhat aware of the differences between classes and structs, when each is allocated on the heap vs the stack, what happens when calling methods etc. As far as I know, the memory for a struct ...
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How do I handle parallel lines when looking for intersections?

I'm using the following method to determine the intersection point of two vector2: ...
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Modify Element of Struct Array

I have this struct array in GLSL. struct Test { vec2 value1; vec3 value2; float value3; } uniform Test u_test[5]; How can I modify the elements of ...
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a shader type class in c

Is it possible to setup something sort of like a class in C++ but in c in the simplest terms? I want to avoid using c++ but I would like to create a simple struct that has glsl shader program. for ...
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Geometry Struct and glDrawElements

currently I re-write my codes and change them to make they are better. I have vertex struct like this: ...
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Voxel Engine in XNA - Block as Class Renders, Block as Struct Doesn't

Edit: I almost forgot to mention - when I place NEW blocks they render, but nothing triggers the originals to render (I have a button assigned to recalculate/redraw for every block surrounding (and ...
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How to fill/initialize D3D11_SAMPLER_DESC properly?

If I want to set explicitly every parameter of the structure I just do so and that's it. But what if I want to set only some of them and leave the rest with default values? I've seen in some tutorial ...
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