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How to use Inkle-style state machines to help with the creation of open world quests?

I've been fascinated by this talk ever since I watched it: GDC Vault Jon Ingold (Inkle) - Narrative Sorcery: Coherent Storytelling in an Open World It proposes an implementation to simplify the ...
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1 vote
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Unity hierarchical state machines and SOLID principles questions

i was wondering if you could help me out with some confusion i have over state machines and SOLID principles! sorry if the post gets too long, i'll try to keep things simple! So i have a huge player ...
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0 answers

I'm trying to create a hierarchical state machine, but don't understand how to transition to a superstate

I have a CharacterController that implements a StateMachine that uses a number of states and transitions. The ...
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State machine in C for SDL game

I want to create a state machine for menu in my SDL game. So this is my code without the SDL I just want to ask if this is a good way to create it. here is a code: ...
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Why a method call in OnStateEnter and OnStateExit do not invoke in the correct order?

I have a class that extends from StateMachineBehaviour. All I want to do is invoke some code in a specific state's first frame and the last frame to trigger some ...
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Multipurpose buttons

As in the title, I am trying to figure out how to use a button for multiple purposes in Unity. In my specific case for instance, I am currently using the joystick button 0 (the A button) to perform a ...
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