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A real-time strategy game from Blizzard released in 2010. This tag is for the developing maps and other content for the game.

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How AI is balanced across different type of races in RTS games?

There are some real-time strategy games (like StarCraft 1 or 2) where AI needs to be balanced across different type of races (in SC it's Protoss, Terran, Zerg), so despite they've different type of ...
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Achievements system like in Starcraft2

I am playing Starcraft2 and I am fascinated of how it is engineered. So lets say you played a 1v1 ranked game and you pumped 10 marines in the first 320 seconds. You'll get an achievement for that. I ...
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Starcraft 2 Editor: I want to make two players share their income

I have a scenario where there are 4 teams vs. a raging Zerg horde constantly attacking them. The idea was allow that player 1 & player 2 in the same team share their income, so that one player ...
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How can I place images on the terrain in SC2 maps?

I have seen this video where there are logos of the clans rendered on the ground in StarCraft 2. How can I add images of my own in a custom map?
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How does Starcraft 2 load its metadata?

Lets say you are playing Starcraft 2 melee map. The game loads the map. Melee maps have the following dependencies: Liberty (Mod) Liberty Multi (Mod) I think the game engine will load the data from ...
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Starcraft II Galaxy Editor - Eventdefinition

I can create an Action with parameters using an Actiondefintion. But how can I create an Eventdefinition ? I'd like to make an Event that is 'called' when a Unit, that is saved in a variable, dies. ...
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Gathering Stats from a StarCraft 2 game

One of the maps I've played, nicknamed SotiS (DoTA in SC2) has the ability to maintain stats, which are sent back to their own server. Does anybody know how this is done?
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How do I create a 'disable minimap' skill for a StarCraft 2 mod?

I would like to make a "disable minimap" type of skill, which when used will make an area of the minimap black (such that you can't see enemies or allies on the map). How can I accomplish this?
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Need help with rally point and spawning in StarCraft 2 map editor

I want to make a Tower Defense game using the StarCraft 2 editor. How can I make a rally point to control AI appear at one point and go to specific point? How do I make creep spawn properly at ...
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Parsing .sc2replay files [closed]

How do I parse StarCraft 2 replay files (.sc2replay)? Is there an API? I know of Sc2gears, but it doesn't quite fulfil my needs.
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How can I implement a third-person camera in an SC2 map?

I want to try creating a custom Starcraft 2 map with a third-person camera following a unit. A few custom maps with this feature exist already, so I know it's possible. How do I do this? Do I need a ...
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How should I show shared resources during a Shared Resource game in the Galaxy Editor?

One of my favorite ways to play the original StarCraft was in a "Team" game. In this game type, multiple players on the same "team" would share control, resources, supply, and even the same starting ...
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How do I animate a custom ability with a continuous beam in Starcraft 2?

I'm building an ability that drains energy from the target unit and gives it to caster unit. I've tried to associate an actor that hooks in to the ability's start event to create the continuous beam, ...
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Can custom maps in Starcraft 2 automatically enable certain unit upgrades?

If I create a custom map with the Starcraft 2 map editor, how can I specify that some unit upgrades are already researched? For example, if I want all the units to already have the weapons upgrade 1 ...
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How can I write a trigger to detect when a terran building burns to its death? (Starcraft 2)

I'm working with Starcraft 2 Map Editor, and am having a little bit of a trigger problem. It's quite easy to detect when a specific unit kills a structure (simply check if triggering unit == whatever)...
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