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Is there any standard format for engine agnostic 2D tilemaps?

Basically that. I tried searching for standard 2D tilemaps formats or encodings, but I haven't found anything significative. I know that big engines use their own formats (Godot Resources, for example)...
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What is the minimum number of points in a convex hull in most engines?

A convex hull shape in a 3D game engine defined by vertices needs at least 4 points in order to have volume, since that would make it a tetrahedron. However, some game engines may support fewer points,...
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GLSL "varying" interpolation: component-wise? Reference in the spec?

Probably a dumb question, but I can't find (or am not understanding) a conclusive answer in the spec or in other questions (e.g., this one). For smoothly-interpolated varying ...
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Why is the standard on displaying missing textures is via a black and purple checkerboard?

In many different games, such as Minecraft and TF2, the default texture is a black and purple checkerboard. Even games that don't use that exact texture incorporate elements of it. Borderlands 2 uses ...
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Purpose of Displaying Loading Screen

Is it necessary for a game developer (on Android, game consoles, online, or desktop) to display the loading screen to cover unfinished rendered game environments and prevent users from thinking that ...
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Input management techniques in large games

Is there a standard technique for managing input in large games. Currently, in my project, all input handling is done in the game loop, like so: ...
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Is there a significant importance in what axis I chose in my top down 2.5D game?

I have read several posts stating what seems like a "standard" in how to chose your 2d axises in a 3d engine. It is often Y up on screen and X right on screen. However, in these examples I often see ...
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Control convention for circular movement?

I'm currently doing a kind of training project in Unity (still a beginner). It's supposed to be somewhat like Breakout, but instead of just going left and right I want the paddle to circle around the ...
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What algorithm is mostly used to interpolate animations?

Because DCC tools supports very many options, we resample the animation curve splines, but I think it still need to be interpolated. I think there's some de facto standard for this animation ...
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What is the best way to implement host-migration application design?

I'm trying to wrap my head around how any one of the clients could become a new host should the current host leave the game. I'm not looking for any code, but more of a high level application design ...
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Is there a standard camera position / orientation?

I've come across a need to position a camera for an arbitrary (unknown) scene. The camera can be updated later, but I thought I'd give it a reasonable default, and the thought crossed my mind that ...
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