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Correct palette vs player color RGB combination

I'm trying to replicate a RTC game as a pet project. The thing is, the units have a .BMP palette. From index 0 to 63, palette colors will be combined to the player color, since that parts of the unit ...
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What is a correct approach to gamma correction in OpenGL?

I'm currently reading about the topic of gamma correction and am a bit confused about what should I, as a game developer, do about it. There seem to be a few options here: Don't do anything at all ...
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How to create a texture SRV with different sRGB format from a render target in DX11?

Is it possible to bind a texture with a different format as render target and as shader resource view? Specifically with a different _SRGB suffix. My goal is to render a shader into an R8G8B8A8_UNORM ...
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Why is enabling GL_FRAMEBUFFER_SRGB making the colours brighter?

My understanding of gamma correction is as follows: We want to do colour math in linear space so we can lerp etc. between colour values and get the results we expect. But human eyes don't have a ...
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Additive Blending and Gamma Correction

Should one do additive blending (aka lightmapping) in linear space? I tried doing it in linear space, and it became, well, linear and bland, losing that cool HDR-style bloomy effect. Is there some ...
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Fastest Software Gamma=2.2 for RGB?

With gamma=2.0 you can use that Carmack's inverse sqrt hack or a lookup table. Yet all standard graphic formats mandate the use of gamma=2.2, and SVGA framebuffer also requires it. Unfortunately, for ...
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What does the alpha channel on a back buffer do?

I see that e.g. in OpenGL it is possible to create a back buffer with an alpha channel (RGBA8888). What's the effect/advantage over having an RGB888 back buffer?
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Linear color workflow with render to texture - Banding in alpha channel?

In OpenGL, I am using GL_SRGB8_ALPHA8 for the OpenGL internal texture format for my textures and render targets. This eliminated some banding I was seeing in dark ...
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Creating colour spectrum by light flux values

I am using radiosity method to compute the inter-reflected light within a room. The room is gridded into small patches and the light flux in lumen is calculated for each. This part is done. Now I want ...
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Optimized linear to sRGB GLSL

I'm currently using a simple implementation of linear to sRGB transform: ...
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Is it possible to store diffuse and normal maps in the same texture area and preserve SRGB/linear space?

Usually, one would want to upload texture data to OpenGL with GL_SRGB* for the internalformat of a texture, and ...
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Why am I not getting an sRGB default framebuffer?

I'm trying to make my OpenGL Haskell program gamma correct by making appropriate use of sRGB framebuffers and textures, but I'm running into issues making the default framebuffer sRGB. Consider the ...
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