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An image or animation that appears before the game is initially launched.

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Unity game extecutable sometimes takes longer to launch, and Unity splash logo doesn't show

In the exported build of my game (which uses Unity 2020.3.15f2), I notice that sometimes the game's executable launches immediately, correctly fading in and out the built-in Unity logo on the splash ...
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Can i remove the default splash screen of someone else project by publishing it using my unity plus? [duplicate]

If i use my unity plus to remove the default splash screen from someone else project (that person are using free version of unity) , then export the project also using my unity plus , what are the ...
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How to delete the splash screen I accidentally added?

GameMaker allows you to display an splash screen different from the default. For a moment I thought of using the ready method that you just click the button in the global settings of the game. In ...
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When is an intro too long for game logos? [closed]

After doing some searching and finding no answers, I decided it would be okay to ask here. In indie or big company games, when they show their logo or have an animation for that company logo, what is ...
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How to change pre-splash image for iOS?

When I launched my game on my iPad, the screen first displayed a faulty splash image with a black lower half momentarily, before displaying the normal splash image. No matter what I tried, I couldn't ...
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How can I set the duration of a splash screen?

I am using Unity Pro, so I have all Splash Screen Tools available. I have a full screen image which I want to use as my splash screen. I want my splash screen to remain on the screen for n seconds. ...
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