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Specular lighting does not appear

I'm struggling to add specular lighting on-top of diffuse lighting and not entirely sure where I'm going wrong. I've followed the instructions given in our lecture but it just doesn't seem to be ...
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How to remove plastic-like reflection from visual shader?

The problem is that this is a piece of terrain, it should not have blue reflections like it's made of plastic. But when the camera gets close enough, these specular highlights are rendered. This is ...
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Is diffuse reflection definition failed when we see both reflection(diffuse,specular) is happening on one single object?

Let us consider the situation where only we moved the camera. The object and the light source remain in the same place. Thus the angle of the incident light is the same for every point.I have captured ...
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Why specular reflection portion changes when we move in different direction?

We know that in Specular reflection rays reflected off surface at inverse angle;so camera position matters;creates bright highlights. I have taken one image where specular reflection is seen(Here ...
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Specular light for DirectX11

I illumine model through model illumine of Phong. Ambient and diffuse light’s constituent work well, but specular works wrong. Under this message I sent screenshoots: 1) ambient and diffuse 2) ...
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Basic equation for pure metallic reflectance

I'm working on a live wallpaper that shows a pure metallic object. Since it's a live wallpaper, I can make a ton of approximations...this isn't a full blown scene in a game world. My shader only has ...
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Does Specular Power affect the Brightness?

I read the book Real-Time Rendering, 2nd Edition. Somewhere in there it say: But I did the experiment and concluded that the mshi doesn't seem to affect to the brightness (it causes the area just to ...
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What is the difference between PBR and SSR?

I am very new to game development and I have been trying to understand the difference between Screen Space Reflection and Physically Based Rendering. I have read about PBR, and from what I understand,...
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Phong lighting - there is something very strange with specular lighting

I implemented Phong lighting. Everything seems to work - torus and spheres are lighted as expected, etc. But I notices something strange regarding specular lighting of directional light. Here are two ...
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PBR Metalness Implementation: specColor at Value 1?

I am doing a BRDF supporting the metalness/roughness workflow. I know that in cases of Metalness = 1.0 the reflectance value is taken from the albedo map - so is the specular color to tint the ...
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Specular intensity not imported from Blender into Unity

For my current project I'm using diffuse materials for my models in Blender but I do not want any Specular Intensity so I've set that to 0. Yet in Unity there is still a specular highlight and the ...
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Fighting aliasing on specular highlights

MSAA does a good job removing aliases on mesh edges, but it does not help with aliased specular highlights: Notice the aliased specular highlights on the doors and windows. I believe the reason for ...
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How to smooth the model/texture look from a distance?

(First of all, I really didn't know how to title my question so it tells exactly what I mean so if anyone has a better title feel free to edit my question or leave a comment.) Look at the water in ...
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