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Questions tagged [special-effects]

Special effects in games refers to any kind of effect (audio or visual) which is not considered regular, i.e. they are not applied by one or two standard function calls. They usually require a some sort of custom algorithm, which can be totally different depending of which effect needs to be achieved.

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Help with simple 2D Lens Flare effect

I'm currently trying to do a Lens Flare effect in a 2D game (Unity 3D) and i'm having problems with element positioning. This are my elements in hierarchy. "Camera Container" it's a GameObject, ...
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How to implement special abilities in turn based card game (and in games in general)?

I am wondering how games like dota, or Magic Arena implements their hero/ card special ability system, and more specifically how do they "Hook" their special ability triggers to the game ...
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How could I implement a halo to glow around my spaceship

I have a 2D Spaceship sprite and I'm interested to know how I can create like a glow effect that leaves a trail behind the game object when it moves. Later on I am going to implement a dash function ...
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