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What transformations are performed under model space?

I am struggling to understand the relationship between model transformation, model space, and world space. I understand that model transformation transforms an object from model space into world space....
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Last hole artifact in screen space refection with Hierarchical Z

After lot of efforts I have an almost nice shader doing SSR with HiZ. The shader is provided below. Some parameters are tunable and you can speed up things but the difficulty in my scene (picture) are ...
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How to predict future position of body in solar system?

I have a solar system where each body interacts with each other by force F = Gm1m2/R^2 Is it possible to predict future position of some random body after t seconds since bodies velocity and position ...
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Convert Global Space 3D Location to Local object space?

I'm trying to find a formula that could convert my 3D global coordinates into local object space. Here are the inputs I have ...
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World Canvas InputField cursor precision/control from RenderTexture output in Overlay UI

How do you have a world canvas input field cursor be controllable from the input being mapped from a UI overlay with its raw image supplied from render texture from a render camera? Described another ...
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View Space From gl_FragCoord

Trying to get the example code for CalcEyeFromWindow() (first one on the page) to work in WebGL, but having no luck. Paired down the code to the following with some explicit values just in case ...
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How to remap world space to screen space?

I am noob to game development, and while using a simple graphics library in Python to make a 2D game, I noticed that the coordinate system of the library had its upper left corner as (0,0), whereas ...
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Velocity Relative To A Vector

So I have a velocity vector b in world space and I have a "pointing" vector a in world space. I need to know how to make the ...
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Should I store local forward/right/up vector or calculate when necessary?

I'm working on an object picking and translation/rotation/scale gizmos system in my engine where you select objects and perform transformations on them in a 3d editor-like fashion (e.g. Blender) In ...
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Tangent space - Lengyel vs ShaderX5 - difference

I have been studiing tangent space calculations and came across two solutions E. Lengyel - ShaderX5 solution - (solution is also desribed here http://www....
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Space of Tangent and Bitangent Vectors

I have a really simple question I cannot be sure about the answer. What is the space of tangent (T), and bitangent (B) vectors when we calculate them using vertex positions, and texture coordinates?
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Placing an AABB close to a point so that it doesn't intersect any other AABBs

Give a 2D space with a bunch of non-intersecting AABBs, and a point in this space (that may or may not be inside an AABB), how can I find the closest place where I can place a new AABB of a given size?...
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What are the advantages of tangent space shading/lighting, and what about attenuation?

In several topics here it was suggested by people that doing lighting in tangent space is better than doing it in world space. Right now I am doing it in camera space, but it's really similar to world ...
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Why do we say things are rotated around the z-axis in a space graph?

I've embarked on a journey of game development. I need to learn lots of 3D terminology, since I want to make 3D games. I learned that X is to the right, Y is up, and Z is towards you. Then why when a ...
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Space between randomly generated objects

Im not sure there is a going to be a simple answer for this question but Ill ask anyway. I am programming an endless scrolling game where the player's character is constantly "falling." As they fall ...
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Why is clip space always referred to as "homogeneous clip space"?

I've noticed in almost everything I've read so far that the term "clip space" is prepended with the word "homogeneous". Now I understand that it roughly means "all the same", but I don't understand ...
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Rendering artifacts at a large scale

I'm a new to OpenGL or graphics in general. Trying to write a game with realistic scale. I had a perfectly fine rendering of earth at a small scale, but when I try to scale it up to 1:1 I get this ...
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Why are normal maps in tangent space but not in normal space?

I want to implement normal mapping in my little game engine. When getting into normal mapping, I wonder why normal maps are typically in tangent space but not in normal space? That normal maps in ...
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World space and model space the dummies version [closed]

I'm by no means a 3d programmer but have recently taken it upon myself to build a Voxel based game and I'm having a little trouble understanding some of the concepts around matrices (what with my ...
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global transform to local transform?

If an object is attached to another one and you need to set its position, rotation and scale in global space, what do you do to get the local versions of these values, knowing the same values for the "...
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Space & Sound? Defying Physics?

Why are there sound effects in space shooter games like asteroid and such? There is no medium in space for sound to travel by. Yet we get hear gun shots & explosion. I am not talking about the ...
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How to shoot a triangle out of an asteroid which floats all of the way up to the screen?

I currently have an asteroid texture loaded as my "test player" for the game I'm writing. What I'm trying to figure out how to do is get a triangle to shoot from the center of the asteroid, and keep ...
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Are there any disadvantages of using Distance Squared checks rather than Distance?

I use distance squared checks for basically all my distance (vector3 length) checking, due to the performance increase from not incurring a square root (like in plain length checks). From the looks ...
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COLLADA: Inverse bind pose in the wrong space?

(Crosspost from StackOverflow) I'm working on writing my own COLLADA importer. I've gotten pretty far, loading meshes and materials and such. But I've hit a snag on animation, specifically: joint ...
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