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Audio (heard) output of a game.

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Loading sound in XNA without the Content Pipeline

I'm working on a "Game Maker"-type of application for Windows where the user imports his own assets to be used in the game. I need to be able to load this content at runtime on the engine side. ...
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What quality should my sounds be?

Sound and it's quality is something like religion. Never ending story. People will say, that MP3 320kbps is lossless, while experts will say that any MP3 is crap, but in the end, no one will hear a ...
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What are the steps to get sound from reality into a game?

As we all know, the game is not only about gameplay, sound effects add a lot to the production value. The more unique, the better the result. What are the steps to get a decent quality sound from ...
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Microphone sound into game propagation

Had been any efforts made to stream real-time sound from the microphone (user's voice) into the game currently played? This way you could hear echo of your own voice when you walked into enclosed ...
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Sounds for Car racing game [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Car engine sound simulation M working on 3d car racing game . Being assigned the task of creating sound effects for the car. I have all the sounds with me like idle engine ...
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Tailoring sound volume for different speakers

Different sound effects are played differently across different speakers. For example, when I use my laptop speakers, sounds are notably softer and low pitch sounds often become inaudible unless I ...
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Recording equipment for game sounds [closed]

I was wondering if anybody knows about any good pieces of equipment fit for recording sound effects for games. If you can, also tell please me the price range for professional equipment.
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SFXR-Like Tool for Speech

Sfxr (and also Bfxr) is a great tool for generating sound-effects for games. Is there something like this for speech synthesis? Not every game development tool and platform has a speech synthesis ...
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Best practices for playing sounds in iPhone games

What are the best practices for playing sounds in iPhone games? Specifically, what are the best practices while playing sounds simultaneously without affecting other processing much. Is there any ...
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Sounds categories volume level in xna

I am preparing sounds system to my game in xna. I am using XACT Tools, and i got problem. There is class SoundCategory. I can change sound level for all sounds in that category easily. ...
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What are the most suitable 3D sound engines out there for a FPS? [closed]

We are looking for a good 3D sound engine for a game written in C#. We know of irrKlang, which looks great but isn't free for commercial uses, nor is it open source. XNA has an alright one, but it ...
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Interactive music games

I've been seeing lots of simple interactive programs popping up all over the internet that generate basic music, usually quite nice sounding, from simple interactions from the user. Otomata is one ...
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Reproducing several sounds in AS3

I'm trying to reproduce several sounds in a game I'm developing in AS3. The game is like a TD game, and when I got 10+ of the same tower firing at the same time, I hear a horrible: "...
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XNA: Why use Xact when I can use Content.Load?

I have to add sound to a game and I found that you can use xact. That's fine, however why not just use Content.Load? Besides the tweaking of the sound, are there any other advantages to using Xact?
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Speech synthesis book? [closed]

When I was a kid, everything had a speech synthesizer in it, more or less. A couple years back I started to wonder where the technology is going after all these years, and after some research found ...
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How was sfxr made?

I figure this is a Game Development question as this is a sound generation tool made specifically for games (in particular, Ludum Dare games). I have a basic understanding of how sound works, with ...
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Sounds to describe the weather?

I'm trying to think of sounds that will help convey the time of day and weather condition. I'm not even sure of all the weather conditions I would consider, and some are obvious. Like if it's raining, ...
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Handling sound effects for Multiple Collisions

How can I generate somewhat realistic sound effects for collisions in a physics engine that simulates lots of objects? E.g. take >10 marbles that are bouncing off walls and off each other. If I ...
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As an indie game developer, how can I have (quality) music/sound done? [closed]

Besides the story itself, a game needs code, graphics and music/sound effect. I can program and I knew a few graphics designers in the web app era. However, I don't know whether to find music and ...
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Can you record raw sound data in XNA?

XNA 4 includes the Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio.Microphone class which can seemingly read the raw sound data off the microphone via its API as documented: GetData - Gets the latest recorded data ...
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How important is music to mobile phone (smart PDA) games? [closed]

Specifically iPhone/iTouch, Droids, and the new Windows Phone 7? I don't know how to quantify this, or if any research has been done. I am wondering how important the music is to the gaming and what % ...
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Playing Sounds and removing instances once they have played -- Android

I am playing sounds in my application I have the following code sounds = new HashMap<String, MediaPlayer>(); Then when guys are created on screen they are ...
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Choosing an Audio API [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Cross-Platform Audio API Suggestions I have gone down this road a few times, and always decided to put it off. I am finally to the point I need to choose an Audio library and ...
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what making a good soundtrack for social game

there are many successful social games in Facebook and other social sites like brain buddies, who has the biggest brain and word challenge.both of them have a great soundtrack while playing and in the ...
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Is it worthwhile recording your own or buying stock sound effects? [closed]

A unique graphical aesthetic is obviously important when developing a game. I wonder if the same is true for audio? Is it worth investing my time in recording, producing my own sounds or should I ...
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Cross-Platform Audio API Suggestions

I'm currently looking into adding sound to my game. I have seen OpenAL and SDL, but I would like to know what else is out there. Can you recommend any good cross-platform Audio APIs for game ...
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Are there any open source projects for car engine sound simulation? [closed]

I have been thinking how to create realistic sound for a car. The main sound is the engine, then all kind of wind, road and suspension sounds. Are there any open source projects for the engine sound ...
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How are sound effects made? [closed]

My friend and I are finishing up our first game right now and I have just discovered that even though he can make some decent music tracks, he has no idea how to make a sound effect. An explosion, for ...
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