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Questions tagged [soft-body-dynamics]

Soft body dynamics is the the simulation of deformable (but non-fluid) physical objects.

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How to make this soft sphere with Unity?

What methods should be used to create such a sphere in UNITY? This collider seems to deform in real-time, squeezing and monitoring collision information when the sphere collides. I cannot achieve this ...
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How to implement soft-body blobs that don't pass through one another

I am learning about soft-body implementations in Unity recently, and I stumbled upon the game Blob Merge 3D. It is quite an interesting implementation because the blobs do not overlap one another and ...
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Unity 2D softbody with custom spring

I'm trying to make custom 2D softbody physics that can interact with other Unity colliders. My starting point was to implement a custom spring joint capable of connecting two entities ("particle&...
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2D/3D Soft body physics in Unity

I want to implement soft bodies in my game similar to this link. I tried using this Soft body simulation plugin but it has the following problems: Only works with box colliders. Doesn’t work with ...
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player softbody

I need some help with a softbody mechanic on a player in unity and I don't know how to approach it yet. I want to try rigidbody collision on individual sections of the mesh, or mess with the cloth ...
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How can I do real-time mesh deformation?

I have a very simple problem: I have a icosphere mesh rendered with OpenGL and I want to deform/stretch it. But it has to be a real-time process because the deformation is generated when user drag'n ...
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How to inflate and deflated an object?

I'm trying to find a way to make an object inflated/deflated in Unity, So I can change parameters via script and control a range of 0-100% inflation. I have seen that there is a way to get this exact ...
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Deformable meshes based on torsional spring

I am trying to learn physics-based animation thanks to the book "Foundation of Physically-Based Modelling and Animation". They introduce the mass-spring model for deformable meshes. Although making ...
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"Plugins colliding with each other" when building Unity scene for WebGL

I have a simple scene that looks like this: It's using the free DefKit plugin to make the bunny a soft-body. This works fine in Unity, I can play the scene and it's great. However I can't build ...
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Representing a high-resolution deformable solid in 3D

I am currently working on a design that will incorporate an object that can change size and shape. For an example, I'll use a brick of clay. It starts out with normal dimensions of 1"x3"x6", but that ...
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Circular soft body? Matter.js or other js engine?

I am using Matter.js physics in an attempt to create soft bodies. I was able to create a body like this: However I am not sure if this is the "soft body" I want. It is true that this body is not ...
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Soft body plasticity using Bullet Physics

I made this post on the Bullet forum(link), but the forum is slow so I'm just copying the text from there. Hello, I'm currently working on a game and I want to make certain surfaces of the game ...
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Exact collision detection for high-detail deformable triangular meshes

What robust methods or approaches exist for exact collision detection involving high-detail, deformable geometry? The kind of mesh I am describing is a surface that is specified as a triangulated ...
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Soft Body Collision with Box2d (libGDX)

I've made a few classes to create soft body objects in libGDX using Box2D (specifically a circle and rectangle similar to these links). The objects are constructed of a number of circle shaped Box2D ...
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How to render the sprites for a 2D soft body physics system

This is not a question as to how to achieve soft body physics, but rather if I have a mass-spring system how to modify a sprite with that information. I am using unity so I dont have access to vector ...
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How can I create a stretchy, breakable pizza cheese material?

I want to create realistic pizza and allow user interact with it. What I want: What I created: I created model of the pizza (8 pieces) in Blender, then imported it into Unity. The piece of pizza ...
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