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Snake is the common name for a video game concept where the player maneuvers a line which grows in length, with the line itself being a primary obstacle. Use this tag when asking questions relating to such games.

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Snake Game body rotation

I am currently trying to make a snake game with Unity. I'm a beginner at C# so I decided to make a game that seemed easy. With the help of this tutorial How to make Snake in Unity (Complete Tutorial) �...
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Distance between moving, rotated rectangles in snake game

I am trying to implement basic Snake game with movement based on timestep. For now I've got something along those lines: Update function: ...
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How to make 3D snake with procedural mesh in Unity

Im currently learning Unity3D and I would like to recreate the old Nokia game "Snakes" (example video:, play it at 1:30 and ...
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AI for 1v1 snake

I've got a task for job application to create a snake AI that can defeat their basic AI. Searching in this topic I've found that it's very similar to Tron and it's solved mostly by minimax algorithm. ...
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how to join the body of snake in 2D snake game

i'm making a snake game in javaScript from scratch. The problem is that the snake looks disjoint(see image). How can I connect the body(rectangles) of the snake? here is the code of drawing snake: <...
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How can I move the snake toward the mouse cursor?

I am making a snake game. I have got it to animate. I just want it to follow the mouse pointer. I am able to find the mouse cursor position. I am also to get my snake to move to the right. What I want ...
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