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How to get the direction to the sky a pixel is facing to draw a sky?

I am drawing an empty texture over a framebuffer with a fragment shader active to try and draw a sky, but I need the direction each pixel is facing in (for correct linear perspective) to draw the ...
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How to make a sky with gradient color in OpenGL?

I'm making a game with OpenGL and would like to add dynamic sky colors with gradients. However, I don't know how to achieve this. Here's an example (in Minecraft) of what I would like to have: In ...
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Render 2D texture on the cube texture at given location

I would like to simulate a moving sun on the sky. What I have managed to do so far is calculating the exact location of the sun, that is the 3D direction vector from the camera's position in the world ...
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Combining skydome and fog

I am developing a 3D game in DarkBASIC Professional, and I have a theoretical problem with the combination of skydomes and fog in general. My question is not specific to a programming language, so I ...
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Atmospheric scattering and fog

I've implemented a dynamic sky model (Preetham). I've got Rayleigh and Mie scattering working fine, but I'm not sure how to get the foggy effects in this Unity article Here is what I have so far: ...
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Trouble creating fog and lighting in unity [closed]

I am trying to create a model in unity that looks like this picture by Escher I can create the lattice, however, I can not create the fog and background/lighting effect. When I adjust the fog in ...
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Skydome and Ambient Intensity (Unity)

I've made a custom skydome in my game. For all my lights I have set them to not affect the skydome. The only thing affecting the skydome is the ambient light. For my game I have ambient intensity at ...
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How to animate clouds [closed]

I am creating an open-world in Unity 4.5.5 and I do not know how to make the clouds move. This video of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD is a perfect example of the clouds moving in the sky. How can ...
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Using sky for indirect lighting - should I remove the sun?

I'm attempting to achieve slightly more realistic ambient lighting in outdoor scenes using the sky cubemap. When rendering an object, I first calculate the direct lighting contribution using ...
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how to calculate sky color hue in a specific way?

I have a day cicle in my game. I want to add a bluish hue to my terrain in the early morning and evening-night. I want to start transitioning from 0 hue color to the full hue color at 20 PM and reach ...
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How to skip the sky in lighting shaders?

I recently implemented a sky in my deferred rendered game. It is a procedurally calculated sphere with a texture applied to it. Unfortunately all lighting shaders (light sources, ambient occlusion) ...
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Why is my sky color calculation in Mathematica incorrect?

I'm trying to implement an algorithm to calculate sky color based on this paper (Perez' model). Before I start programming the shader I wanted to test the concept in Mathematica. There are already ...
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What are the differences between a skybox and a skydome?

What are the differences/pros/cons between a skybox and a skydome?
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Why no night sky with realistic star constellations?

As an amateur stargazer I noticed that many games which have night scenarios use textures for the night sky where the stars seem to be arranged entirely randomly. It seems like they were created by an ...
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How does Minecraft render its sunset and sky?

In Minecraft, the sunset looks really beautiful and I've always wanted to know how they do it. Do they use several skyboxes rendered over eachother? That is, one for the sky (which can turn dark and ...
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How do I create a horizon?

I added a sky to my raytracer that gets sampled when a ray completely misses any object. What I'm doing here is if a ray completely misses anything in the scene, it returns the Perlin noise function ...
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using blender to generate a 3D skybox

Is it possible for me to use Blender to generate a 3D skybox? The concept is fairly simple: I create a scene that I want to display on the skybox (mountains, clouds, water, etc). Then, couldn't ...
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How can I create a "night sky" effect in OpenGL?

I am creating a game using OpenGL and I want to render the effect of a night sky with a few stars in it. I want to have a shiny black effect in the sky so that it looks good. Could some one help in ...
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How can I achieve the realtime clouds/sky effect of Lumion?

Does anyone know how they do this? They're not truly volumetric - you can't fly through them - it's still a texture. It looks like it's a perlin based solution, but I ...
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Skybox textures for our solar system

For a solar system simulation project I'm looking for a good (semi-accurate) set of textures to texture the skybox. I've already found these and we ...
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Skybox texture artifact on edge

I have strange problem with drawing skybox texture on Mac. On iPhone everything is going fine. I have tried to change near and far planes value with no success. It is a skybox of six textures, and ...
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Rendering skybox in first person shooter

I am trying to get a skybox rendered correctly in my first person shooter game. I have the skybox cube rendering using GL_TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP. I author the cube with extents of -1 and 1 along X,Y and Z. ...
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C# XNA - Sky Sphere Question

I have been banging my head against the wall trying to get a sky sphere to work appropriately in XNA 4.0. I have the sphere loading correctly, and even textured, but i would like something a little ...
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Skybox Development Help

I'm a freelance game designer, and I can't afford to hire someone to do skyboxes for me. However, I am unable to do them my self. Let's say I have a texture that can be tiled on four sides... If I ...
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How can I create my own sky maps? [closed]

What are the methods/tools for generating realistic skies with clouds and atmospheric shading? FOSS alternatives and spherical projections get extra points.
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