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SketchUp is a 3D modelling program primarily used for modelling interiors and props.

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Is there a performance difference between modeling a complete scene in Unity with assets vs importing a complete 3D scene from SketchUp?

I've worked with 3D modeling (architectural projects) using SketchUp for 4 years. I'm trying to import the models into Unity and then add the components I want (like colliders, scripts interacting ...
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Materials aren't loading correctly from SketchUp into Unity

I imported a SketchUp COLLADA (.dae) file from 2017 SketchUp Make, and imported it into Unity. I then clicked "Use External Materials" and the colors began to load. But I noticed quickly ...
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Rename Sketchup Component meshes for Unity

When i create a component in Sketchup and i export it to Unity, the component structure is always: Component_Name MeshX How can i avoid having the component name as an empty parent and just set it ...
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Do any 3d engines natively import Google Sketchup models [closed]

Google Sketchup is about the only 3d cad program I can use, because I suck. Do any 3d engines natively import Sketchup models? Are there any major caveats when doing so?
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