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Dynamic "skill badge" level

I am currently working on a serious game that is currently published, with regular update (new content, bug fux, ...) We have "episodes" composed of 3 mini games, each based on a skill to ...
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how to avoid Z- axis gravity from affecting my mobile game?

I am making a mobile car game, and as it is a serious game for upper limb rehabilitation. The mobile is attached to the forearm of the patient, hence the forearm movement will move and rotate the car. ...
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Government or NGO grants for game development

I live in the United States, and I was curious whether or not any governmental grants or NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) support game developers via grants or other funding options for games ...
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Things that make a game more interesting for kids

What makes a game more interesting or fun to play for children ages 8 to 14+? Does the age of the consumer play an important role in his/her interest in the game? What can I put in a game to make it ...
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Discussion about Serious Games : Their lacks and forces

I would like to start a little discussion about serious video games. Do you think serious games DO have their place in today's world ? What kind of serious games do you think the most interesting in ...
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What makes a good educational game? [closed]

I'm currently creating a game framework/engine for educational games. My hope is that this can be used in elementary schools. It is of course extremely important that the games are both fun and ...
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