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SDL_gfx is a plugin library for SDL/SDL2 which adds a series of graphics primitives. This tag should be used when the question is about issues with the functions and the primitives offered by SDL_gfx, not because the question is about SDL and about graphics.

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SDL_BlitSurface() 'dstrect' - Not working as I expected

I am new to SDL but have used C++ a fair bit over the years. I'm struggling with displaying sprites with a scale. EG. Here I am trying to draw a grid of squares (ie. Tetris) but the source BMP is ...
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Rendering with sdl_gfx is so slow, any alternative?

I have been using sdl_gfx ( sdl2 extension library ) to make Android games, I have always noticed that rendering primitives is so slow. So I was rendering it once ...
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What does `FPSManager.lastticks` stand for in SDL_gfx?

I'm having trouble finding documentation on SDL_gfx, and I can't figure this out. I've managed to use SDL_gfx to automatically cap the framerate, and I it's working a lot better than my manual attempt ...
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How do I rotate a sprite around a pivot point using SDL_gfx's rotozoomSurface?

Using SDL_gfx's rotozoomSurface function to rotate a 38x58 sprite....naturally when it rotates it creates a new surface with a new size, and the rotation isn't going around the center point. I am ...
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