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A type of programming, often meant to be easier to learn than more "traditional" programming. Scripting is often used when performance is less important than ease of use. Examples of scripting languages are: Javascript, Lua, Perl, Python, and PHP. Scripting languages are often interpreted instead of compiled, and thus they can be executed directly without generating machine code.

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Scoreboard setdisplay list shows correctly per char. Can i make my sidebar show correctly per char as well?

So I've been writing a script over the last little while in Python that interacts with the Minecraft console. I'm basically trying to make a scoreboard based currency system that is world independent ...
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How can I implement native c++ scripting like it's done in engines like Unreal and Godot?

I've been developing my own game engine and I'm kind of stuck in the process of scripting. I decided to use C++, since my game engine is mainly written in C++. (and don't suggest me other languages as ...
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Getting player cube to move left or right in relation to camera based on camera's rotation

Right now I'm trying to make the player cube move left, right, up and down in relation to the camera's rotation and position. I figured what I could do is create an empty game object, make the main ...
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Is it Possible to use Python that is installed from the NuGet Unity Package Manager, for all platforms in a Unity game project?

Hi I've installed NuGetForUnity that is a Unity package to my Unity game project from the url: and there are so many NuGet packages are ...
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Blueprint For Switching Between Cameras In The Unreal Engine

So basically I have a scene in the Unreal Engine which has multiple cameras within it, the cameras are intentionally static as the application should behave more like a viewing gallery than a game. As ...
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How would I go about creating my own SDK to allow users to develop their own addon mods?

I am looking into developing a game, but I am very interested in the more abstract concepts such as modding. I would like to know, or get linked to information detailing the prerequisites, ...
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How can I store two different render layers on separate render textures?

I'm using Camera.cullingMask to only render objects that belong to specific layers. However, I can't figure out how to render two different layers on the same frame and store them in separate render ...
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Using Skyrim Creation Kit, how to have an NPC stopped by a guard?

I am making a mod using the Skyrim Creation Kit. At some point in my quest, the Player must steal a statue that I created, then, as soon as it's done, the next stage begins, asking the player to place ...
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Unknown enum type when modding Minecraft recipes with CraftTweaker

I want to make some new Recipes with CraftTweaker, which uses machines from the Create mod (I'm using Life In The Village 3), but I have the following error in my scripts: ...
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Get vertices back from shadergraph?

I am making waterwaves in shadergraph and i want to make a boat that will bop around on those waves, but to do that i need to get those vertices back into the CPU. I am unable to replicate those waves ...
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Moving Camera with script

Hey all I am trying to make a scene where the player is experiencing a plane crash however when I try and move the camera with transform. Translate the camera is not moving. The plane moves along as ...
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How can I make a menu item that splits animations based on a text file?

I want to split all the animations inside a FBX by using a .txt file which contains start times and names for the animations in this FBX. I found a script that does exactely that here. However, this ...
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Rotate 3D object relative to the camera

I really need the help of an expert. I'm trying to rotate an object in all 3 axes relative to the camera in response to the gamepad sticks. I have succeeded but with an unexpected error, depending on ...
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Loading external file data into Scriptable Object in Unity

I've been at this for two long days, trying to figure out a way to handle saving and loading data for a mobile puzzle game I'm working on. The game has level packs and each level pack has multiple ...
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Unreal Engine custom camera

I was looking at game engines and found Unreal Engine. I want to make a game where the player has to create a camera by crafting it and can customize how many pixels the camera detects and what the ...
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How to change a float variable from another script based on distance to it

This is technically 2 questions but I may as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone. In my game I want the cameras glitch filter effect to increase the closer it is to a gameobject. I have tried achieving ...
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script execution order on changing scene

In script execution order , i set A start first before B , and B start first before C . So normally the script execution order should be A -> B -> C C is already loaded on scene 1 without the help ...
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How to move an object while the animation is going on?

I added a jump animation with the character in unity and to move the character I have some code like this: ...
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How to support JS/Python scripting a C++ game engine?

I'm currently writing an Entity/Component/System architecture game engine in C++, and I have the beginnings of a lua scripting system in place, which seems to be quite popular, but I feel Javascript ...
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Why do these textures tile rather than just overlap?

It might help to provide all the details, so here is the YouTube tutorial which sparked my question. There's a prefab of the background tile called "Tile Background." This prefab has the default ...
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Unity - referencing the player's renderer

I have a bit of a problem with transferring my Game/Health Manager across scenes. My current Health Manager is set up so when the player gets hit, they flash, which is controlled by activating and de-...
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Godot: Using an argument's methods as kwarg

I downloaded and tried out the Rakugo addon out of the box and I ran into this problem: 'Parser Error: Identifier 'node' is not declared in current scope' If you look you can see that node is an ...
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Firing particle systems on prefab objects

In my game, I Instaniate several of the same prefabs for a group of player controlled characters. The prefab contains child objects with particle systems attached. For example one of the particle ...
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Event Click Mouse Button to 3D TextMeshPro

Im create TextMeshPro from "Create -> 3D Object ->Text - TextMeshPro" How to receive mouse button click event for TextMeshPro? I tried via Physics.Raycast/Collider but it doesn't work. ...
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