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This tag should be used for questions on the management of scenes (in the game engine) , across any platform. Note that the tag of the platform you are using needs to be added also.

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Game states & passing data between scenes

I'm not entirely sure if I'm doing this right, but I always considered the scene system in Unity as some sort of state management (rather than e.g. a level system) which allows to group the contents (...
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How to generate portal zones?

I'm developing a portal-based scene manager. Basically all it does is to check the portals against the camera frustum, and render their associated portal zones accordingly. Is there any way my editor ...
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Preload multiple scenes at the same time and activate them on demand in Unity. [Unity, async, simultaneous]

Preload scene in unity - this question tells us about how we can pre-load a scene in Unity and load it on demand. What it doesn't tell us - how do we pre-load multiple scenes at the same time and also ...
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Gizmos not being drawn until GameObject selected

I have implemented Scene loading in my game and have three scenes: Persistent, Main Menu and ...
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Android Device Screen Flicker

I have made sudoku type game. I am about to complete my game in 2d. At present, my game run smoothly on higher configuration devices such as Sony Experia Sola, Samsung Note 2 and Google Nexus. But it ...
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