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Questions tagged [rust]

Rust is a multi-paradigm programming language designed for performance and safety, especially safe concurrency

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How to correctly rotate 2D orthographic projection around a central point?

I want to rotate a 2D orthographic projection around the centre point of my view. However, something is off (it looks like a translation) but I'm not sure what. To put some concrete values on the ...
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Pan orthographic non-axis-aligned camera

I'm trying to create a panning control for a camera in bevy, but I can't seem to get the panning logic right when the camera is rotated. It works fine if the camera transform is directly facing the XY ...
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Network mechanism for an RTS multiplayer game

I'm writing a real time strategy game in Rust. In this game each player controls one of two armies facing off on a battle zone. To better understand the gameplay, my project is an open source version ...
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Efficient PRNG for WASM and x86_64?

For a game I am finishing, I need a random sequence that can be generated in Wasm and in the server, yielding the same result. This generated 64-bit(or more if supported by WASM) numbers sequence is ...
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How can I convert a raw pixel buffer (1D array) into a 2D array?

I have to deal with a raw buffer representing some pixels, specifically the pixels crate. So far I am able to do some magic from the examples, however it is terribly bad when it comes to readability ...
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How can I render a texture in a specific x/y position on the screen? (OpenGL - glium)

I am in the process of writing a 2D game in Rust, and decided to use glium for the graphics part. So far I'm doing fine, able to render textures and shapes ...
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How do I colour a mesh in Kiss3d?

This is a question about the sebcrozet/kiss3d graphics engine for the Rust programming language. I have managed to create a mesh using group.add_mesh(). Now I want ...
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Tile based collision detection errors if player is smaller than tiles

I have implemented a tilemap where each tile is at a non-negative x and y position. (So at the moment think like chess) At the moment a tile is 16, 16 pixels in ...
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