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RPG Maker is a series of tools for producing 2D role-playing games for a variety of platforms.

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Do you need to know JavaScript to make games with RPG Maker?

Do I have to know how to code in JavaScript to make good games in RPG Maker MZ? I'm asking cause I know you don't really have to code in RPG Maker. I already tried some programming languages, so I ...
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How can i make a game intentionally crash? [duplicate]

I mean, I'm currently working on a psychological horror on rpg maker, and i want the game to crash at a specific point of the game, Hope someone can help
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Balancing stats for combat difficulty in RPG Maker MZ

I'm using RPG Maker MZ to make a game but am having extreme difficulty in developing good systems for leveling my characters and making for a challenging, but fair and balanced battle (especially with ...
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Using a custom map gui disables the ability to save

I'm quite confused at the moment. I've created a custom gui (a fuel display on map) that works nicely, but somehow whenever I try to save the game when this gui is active....clicking on the slot where ...
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How to move while a timer is going in an event

I'm trying to make a switch activated gate and this is what I have setup so far "picture #1" but what happens when the timer is going on, I cannot move. so what I'm trying to do is go through the ...
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Accessing variables defined in another .js file in rpgmaker MV

I'm coming from C++, diving into JS and enjoying the journey so far but I've been at an en passe for the past 2 days and I'm exhausted. I need help figuring out how to access variables across plugins....
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How to efficiently implement Dijkstra's path finding algorithm?

As per this answer: How to devise an algorithm for a person being on a walk? I tried to implement a simple path finding algorithm. The map is 60x60 tiles total, and walkable tiles are even fewer: (...
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RPG Maker MV stop refreshing items in shop

Well, the thing is that i've been using Attachable Augments (a GREAT plugin made by Yanfly, check for more info) for a while, but I feel that something was not there. You can buy items and ...
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What are the differences between all RPG Maker products? [closed]

I can't find a complete chart of differences between the many versions of RPG Maker. There's only a partial list of features here. On the official site there are: RPG Maker MV RPG Maker VX Ace RPG ...
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How can I prevent a follower from participating in fights in RPG Maker?

I'm developing a game with RPG Maker VX Ace. In this game, one of your followers is ghost-like demon that observes the player. I was going to have him appear during dialogues, but all of the ...
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How to intentionally make an RPG maker game crash?

I'm currently working on a game project that involves tricking the user into thinking the game experienced a bug/glitch and crashed. The reason that I want to code this is that I want to hide the file ...
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