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How to make an object which position is not on the world origin rotate around the world orgin in threejs?

I've loaded an object and set its position on vector(5,2,-5) by threejs. And I wanted it to rotate around the origin point in the world coodinate system. I found a method in class Object3D called '...
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Limit rotation angles for Quaternion

I have a short snippet that's rotating the meshes of the wheels as I'm driving forward, but it's also rotating wheels to match the direction I'm turning, and I wish to turn this off completely. ...
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Can I "Pre-rotate" VBOs while loading them in LWJGL?

It is possible to flip VBOs horizontally and vertically by swapping around destination coordinates. Is it possible to rotate an image by any angle, such as 45 degrees, using different destination ...
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I am looking for a flexible way to rotate a gameobject around another

I try to make an object rotate around another object on mouse input. In order to achieve this I used this code: ...
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Rotate a Vector by Quaternions

I'm trying how to work out how to Rotate a Vertex using Quaternions, using a scientific calculator, or on paper. Exam preparation. My lecturer has given us this; Quaternion = (-0.5, 0, -0.7071067, 0....
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Rotate camera around point of view

I'm trying to rotate the camera around the view point of the camera. So when the user looks at a build the camera rotate around that building. But the camera does not need to have the building to ...
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Rotating an object around a rotating object

Im trying to build a model for the solar system in OpenGl, and I got the planets to move around the sun, but can't get the satellites to move around their planet. I can't share my code since this an ...
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how do i clamp my camera's rotation on X and Y?

i'm using a script to make my camera rotate smoothly toward the mouse cursor on the screen. and the only thing i need is to somehow clamp it's rotation on X and Y. here : ...
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[opengl]get world position after rotate object by pivot

I need to rotate an object around a pivot,so I use this theory: Translate the object to Pivot position Rotate the object Translate back the object from Pivot position everything works fine,I can ...
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Right-side weapon rotate to face the mouse target

I have a 3D game looking from top to bottom where I move the mouse to aim at targets. I have a simple box (the player) with a sphere on its middle-front (that is the pistol) and a cylinder on its ...
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