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Godot root motion is calculated incorrectly?

I'm trying to set up root motion in Godot but it's not giving the expected result. This is the original animation: After setting up the AnimationTree to use the root bone, the character correctly ...
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How to make root motion animation roll in world coordinates instead of local?

I am currently prototyping a top down 3D game in Unity 2021.3.4f1. My character moves with standard "WASD" and always faces towards my cursor's location on the screen. The camera is fixed ...
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What is ApplyBuiltinRootMotion and how to use it?

The character in my game has humanoid feature. I have unchecked "Apply Root Motion" in Animator component and use scripts for its movements. I want to implement a Ledge Grab Jumping movement....
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Root motion works but doesn't move actor

As shown in this video, I have a walk animation with Root Motion enabled, and an Anim Graph which acts upon a skeletal mesh. But it doesn't move the skeletal mesh. I've followed several tutorials and ...
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