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ROMs are files containing images of the read-only memory portion of video game cartridges. Homebrew development for many (particularly older) consoles typically involves producing a ROM file containing the actual homebrew game.

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Meaning of high nibble written to NES MMC3 bank data register

In part of my disassembly of the European version of Dragon's Lair for the NES (which uses the MMC3 mapper chip): ...
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How to know the adresses an editor modifies while saving a file

I hope this question belongs here. Suppose an editor for a specific file extension. It usually has a user friendly interface so you don't see raw data. Once you edit anything and save the editor ...
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Why game roms are lighter than their original version? [closed]

I would like to know if you could help me with this question , I was wondering Why the rom made of a videogame is ligther than the game itself or an indie game of today? I mean a rom can be 20mb ...
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How can I change the sprites in the NES Double Dragon ROM?

I have played a few NES ROMs where people have gone into them and changed the sprites. How did they do this? I'd like to do this for the Double Dragon ROM. How can I accomplish that?
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How can I put my game on an NES cartridge?

How can I create an NES cartridge? Is there any tutorial? I need to put a game that runs in an emulator and put it on a cartridge. How to do that? Is this possible from scratch? Or at least could I ...
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