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Mapping simulated onto real with a Kinect and projector

I have this partially working already, but my implementation doesn't animate very well (lots of jitter, some random movements) and I thought that you guys in Game Development might be able to point me ...
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RK4, Derivatives, Understanding Game Physics

Gafferon Games has a great article on RK4 Integration for building physics simulations which can be found here: Integration Basics Personally my mathematics and physics knowledge could use ...
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RK4 integration and Continuous Collision Detection

I'm using this method to detect collision between two AABBs. The algorithm is simple, fast and works great. It uses the relative velocity between the two objects to calculate TOI. This works fine with ...
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Why is RK4 better than Euler integration? [closed]

At the end of these great slides, the author compares all the different integrators presented. One way or another, they all fall short except for Improved Euler Integration and Runge Kutta 4 ...
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Game Physics With RK4 Implementation For A 2D Platformer

I been reading about RK4 for physics implementation in a game, so I read in some pages and all people recommend me this page: This page shows ...
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RK4 Bouncing a Ball

I am trying to wrap my head around RK4. I decided to do the most basic 'ball with gravity that bounces' simulation. I have implemented the following integrator given Glenn Fiedler's tutorial: ...
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