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Several questions about Unity license and revenue from games

So, what I know is if I'm using Unity Personal Edition and start earning more than $100,000 I need to upgrade to Plus or Pro, but I have some questions: If revenue from the game reached more than $...
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Android developer/publisher royalty sharing

I am creating and Android game, and will need to partner with a publisher. I am curious about how this is typically implemented. Probably publishers are going to have a difficult time trusting some ...
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Going from a solo game project to a team project, how should I organize the new team and potential revenues?

I have been working on a game partial time for 2 years now, I've done the code and assets myself, but eventually I understood that I would not be able to have nice looking assets without spending a ...
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Do old games still generate revenue for their developer companies?

For the purpose of this question, let's say an "old" game is one released over 20 years ago, or for which the platform it runs on has become unavailable. Do the developers still earn revenue off of ...
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Revenue model for an open-source multiplayer game

I've had an idea for a multiplayer game, and ideally, I'd absolutely love for it to be open source. However, I also want to make a profit from it so I can make more games and maybe even have a dev ...
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Taxes and Approximate revenue?

I'm heading out from the prototype stage and towards my early/alpha stage. In this transition period I've been interested in getting an estimate of what the revenue will be so I've come up with this ...
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How can I increase the return from from ads?

I made a little Windows Phone game and I want to use AdRotator to show ads in the game. My game has 50 levels. Some levels take 30 seconds, other levels more than 3 minutes to complete them. Will I ...
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Is there still a market for 2D games? [closed]

Do 2D games still sell well? Assume it has nice visuals and good game-play. I want to make games and want to start with 2D, but I am a bit hesitant, I have more than 8 years experience with 3D ...
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Novice Mobile Game Developers | Publishing on our own or Publisher? [closed]

So we are almost done with our first indie game, developed on Android. We believe that the game has potential, our graphics guy is damn good so we have some good eye candy in our game. Now we are ...
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What revenue models can I use for a non-commercial game [closed]

I don't have any budget to buy commercial licenses but the libraries I use offer non-commercial free licenses. How far can I go in regard to monetizing my game without it being considered commercial ?...
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Different revenue models between developers and publishers?

I am working at a small game studio developing games for iOS and Android. We do the full journey here, from idea to finished product and we have funding to do so. However, with the smartphone market ...
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To sell or give for free [closed]

I am currently making a game that I was originally planning to sell. It is a simple 2D arcade style game for the PC. I've seen many indie games become popular and generate revenue from advertisements, ...
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Promoting independent iOS games [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are effective marketing strategies for iPhone games? I'm interested in promoting my latest iOS game. What have you done that really helped spread the word? Any smaller ...
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What revenue models exist for online games? [closed]

What revenue models exist for online games?
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Number of Impressions on Admob for Revenue [closed]

Just curious for a rough estimate; how many impressions would it take to make 300 dollars, a day, in ad revenue?
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What are some common ways to generate revenue from a free game?

When creating a free game what revenue options are there and how successful are they? What are the pros and cons of different revenue models such as ad-supported, freemium, partnerships, merchandising,...
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