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Retention relates to the process of keeping users engaged with and playing a game once they've started.

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Completion rates/retention rates and hours spent on avg for adventure/rpg games

I'm building an adventure/RPG game and would like to understand two main metrics for this genre of game: Completion/retention rates Hours spent playing per day, or week or month, etc If demographic ...
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Expected numbers for user engagement

I run a free-to-play online game that involves collecting creatures and simply clicking on a button to give them a small amount of EXP. The idea is to do this for other people and they're likely to ...
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How do I calculate player retention (and other industry accepted stats) for a single-player RTS game?

Suppose there is a typical desktop RTS game without online multiplayer on a Windows platform, like the original Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. It still connects to a server to log basic anonymous info ...
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