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Questions tagged [resolution]

The pixel resolution that the game displays in, or can be displayed in if there are multiple.

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Making a pixel-perfect viewport in LibGDX

My game that uses LibGDX as the graphics library, should be playable with every display. Here's the problem: It have to be pixel-perfect. That means, the scale factor must be an integer value, so that ...
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DirectX 11 - Problem with low resolution decals

I'm trying to add a decal system in my DirectX engine but i'm facing some problems with the quality of the textures projected. Every other no decal texture look fine, but these ones look really bad. ...
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How to use SDL_RenderSetLogicalSize() properly in SDL2?

I want to handle different resolutions without altering any game objects. I tried using SDL_RenderSetLogicalSize() but I don't know how to implement it properly. ...
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Handling zooming in for a spot-the-difference game in different screen resolutions

I am creating a 2D game for Android as a school project. The objective of the game is to find differences between the top image and the bottom image. I have 1 main camera, which views the entire ...
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Tiled: handling multiple map sizes

I have two sets of assets (lo res and hi res) that are exact replicas of each other except one set is twice the size of the other and used for larger screens. At runtime, I find the users screen size, ...
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Libgdx handle screen resolutions

I know there are some questions to this topic, but i didnt find a satisfying answer for my problem yet. I'm learning to use libgdx right now, and I'm not sure about handling different screen ...
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How to set widget size that is independent of screen resolution/density in kivy

I had coded a simple click game with Python-kivy to android. You should click dots which are popping out randomly at screen. I set their size 20px to 60px as your level. But it seems when I try on ...
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Image Buttons Have Low Resolution Quality

I'm using Synfig Animator to draw my animations for my android game I'm also using Android Studio to write the code for it, However. On testing, the images that i'm using looks very bad and unfocused ...
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changing resolution in game on Playground SDK

I'm trying to make resolution change in my game based on Playground SDK. Now it looks so: ...
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How to stretch screen image to fit higher res monitors set to lower resolutions with Unity?

Using Screen.SetResolution(width, height, windowMode); , how might I stretch the image to match the monitor size? I've noticed this problem occurs both with this ...
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How to adjust resolution to display only in portrait mode for both phones and tablet devices?

I am facing an issue where I'm able to adjust the resolution for different phones like Android and iOS but not for tablet devices. Is there any way to set it, for all kinds of devices, to display only ...
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Downscaling from 1080 to 768 in Unity 2D

I have an orthographic camera of size = 10.8 and I use it as base and have developed the game for a 1080 display. On a ...
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How realistic are procedural textures in sandbox?

I'm working with Unreal and want to make a Minecraft-Style Block-Sandbox with HD-textures. Since at that resolution the repetitive pattern becomes too noticable, I'd like the game to generate the ...
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libgdx images go out of proportion on some devices

I'm trying to develop a simple game using libgdx. The game works perfectly on emulator ( Nexus 5x API 26 x86 ). But when I generated its apk and tested on my phone(Samsung J7), the images somehow seem ...
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How to change application surface size without changing view size? (GMS2)

I am working on a pixel art project in GameMaker 2 with native resolution 428x240. In order to enable "subpixel" rending, I am trying to increase the resolution of my ...
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How to make game playable in all mobile screen resolution using Unity Cinemachine with perspective mode?

I want my 2D game to be playable (auto scale) in all screen resolution. I'm using Cinemachine & under "perspective" mode. I found tutorial to change the screen in "orthographic" mode but there is ...
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Game was resized incorrectly for no apparent reason (GameMaker)

I exported the game with the following graphics settings: OBS - Interpolate colors between pixels would be like a Antiliasing. I do not think it is the cause of the problem, but I will test without ...
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How do I lower the resolution scale in DX11?

I've tried a lot of things including lowering the backbuffer size but that causes terrible scaling that I can't really control. I've also tried rendering the scenes to a smaller texture then scaling ...
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I'm having resolution issues; does my math suck?

There are a lot of scripts involved so I'm just going to give a generalized description of the process. First, a 1x1 square tile is created. Second, that tile is placed out of the way, and 16 x 10 (...
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Publish android game only for 800 x 480 resolution in portrait mode

I have developed a game in libgdx. I worked for long and after finishing, I found that the game runs perfectly only on devices with resolution 800 × 480. I found this solution: ...
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