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How do I make Inno Setup quit if the system does not meet minimum requirements?

We are developing a game using Inno Setup and require a feature where the installer detects system specs (CPU, GPU, RAM, Disk Space) and automatically quits or prompts to quit if the requirements are ...
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Hardware requirements for a Unity game [duplicate]

I am listing a game on Steam and need to set system requirements. The game is a online 3D game using Universal Render Pipeline with low poly assets. My idea was to copy the requirements for a similar ...
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Calculating theoretical FPS

I'm unsure if this question would be more appropriate in stackoverflow, so apologies before hand if it should be moved. Given that I know the user's hardware (Video Card, RAM, CPU, screen resolution, ...
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how to solve slow framerate (how to solve situation when user uses computer much slower then minimum requirement)

We have some minimum requirements set for the game, however, it's possible to play the game on much slower computers and we argue in the team how to approach the situation when the hardware is too ...
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How to determine lowest PC requirenments for my game to run

so I've created my first game in UE4 (4.9.2 version) and want to publish it. But i really don't know how to determine lowest possible environment my game runs on.Also I am unsure what other files ...
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FlasCC requirements and limitations?

It is now available for download. It says you need twice* as many bits as I have. Why would you need more bits to compile code? Does that mean you need more bits to run flash games writtes with flasCC ...
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How can I check for Shader Model 3 support?

Currently I am working on a 3D visualization app. A requirement of my app is that host's graphics card supports Shader Model 3. How can I check for Shader Model 3 support? I know that these versions ...
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How can I measure the "creative/entertainment value" of video-game requirements?

I realize this question is complex and subjective, but bear with me for a moment. I firmly believe that video-game software is essentially different from, for example spreadsheet software, as from a ...
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Is requirements analysis useful in game development?

I'm a software engineering student with a game development focus. How big of a part does requirement analysis play in game development? I'm asking because I'm trying to decide whether to take a class ...
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How much extra power is required for a stereoscopic 3D game?

If we use Cryengine 3 for game development and make the game 3D compatible. Because 3D sends out two pictures, will this mean that you need a computer with twice the "power"? So if you get 30 fps when ...
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How do I determine my games minimum hardware/software requirements?

With me going it alone in development I only have limited resources at my disposal i.e one pc with which I develop and test the game. so I only know for certain my game works with that setup. What ...
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