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How to make my Unity project deterministic for replays?

I am working on an arcade-style 2D shmup and recently started implementing a replay system that allows players to view their runs of the game. I use the technique of recording input each ...
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Record/History of moves and state of entire game after that move for a Turn based game

My first question here! :) Im trying to conceptualize how I would go about recording the moves of my players, and also the state of my game after the calculations of that move. For example, Final ...
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Securing a replay-based leaderboard system (as much as possible)

A few years ago, I implemented a basic online leaderboard system in one of my games that sent encrypted score data over the wire. The encryption keys were stored in the game client's binary. Of course,...
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Action replay in unity 3d

I'm trying to record an action replay for the last 5 seconds. I'm building a bowling game and want to perform an action replay for when the ball strikes the pin by capturing with camera's with ...
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In game replay system doesn't work correctly when animations are used on a character

I have created an in game replay system that essentially just stores each object's position and rotation at each FixedUpdate(). Once an even is triggered, the replay is then played back using ...
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Achievements system like in Starcraft2

I am playing Starcraft2 and I am fascinated of how it is engineered. So lets say you played a 1v1 ranked game and you pumped 10 marines in the first 320 seconds. You'll get an achievement for that. I ...
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Replay on game like "impossible game" [duplicate]

So I am making a simple game like "the impossible game" where the character just moves forward(from a 2D prespective) and the only thing you have to do is press the screen to jump at the correct time ...
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Is a HashTable the best way to store replay data in C#?

I'm looking to make a deterministic replay in my 2D game. I want to follow a similar approach to braid in storing the relevant information every frame (at 60 frames per second). I wanted to know what ...
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Ghost replay - storage and timing

I am working on a car race game and just implemented a ghost sprite for replaying past races. I use a physics engine and after much reading I came to the conclusion that the best way to store the ...
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"Super meatboy"-ish replay

I'm making a platformer built from mini-levels - and I want to create a sort of a replay of all the player tries that the player did for the level. My question is - what is the best way to record the ...
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Should I use float, double, or decimal for stats, position, etc?

The problem with float and double is that they are not exact. If you are to do something like store replays, the values would have to be exact. The problems with decimal is that they are ...
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Replay system: record inputs or events?

I read this: How to design a replay system But it don't really answer my question. My game is built with the client "view" of the game as a separate program from the server "model" and "controller". (...
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Convert game replay into video format

My game outputs a replay file for each individual game and allows the player to watch past games. Just a quick example of what our replay files look like: ...
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Creating an unbiased deterministic collision resolution order

I'm working on a game with a replay system, so I need the game logic to be deterministic. A part of this is collision detection and I'm having a bit of a conceptual problem here. (I'm programming in ...
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Deterministic replay in a modern game

I am doing a study in modern games graphics, and as part of the study it would be really helpful to be able to replay a sequence in the game multiple times. For example, recording a series of inputs ...
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How are deterministic games possible in the face of floating-point non-determinism?

To make a game like an RTS networked, I've seen a number of answers here suggest to make the game completely deterministic; then you only have to transfer the users' actions to each other, and lag ...
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Parsing .sc2replay files [closed]

How do I parse StarCraft 2 replay files (.sc2replay)? Is there an API? I know of Sc2gears, but it doesn't quite fulfil my needs.
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