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"End of line expected" error preventing me from opening game

I wanted to open my game to check that everything is working properly, but whenever I try to open the project, it redirects me to the script instead. This is the message below: I'm sorry, but errors ...
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In Ren'py, can I make a text tag that opens a displayable?

I'm developing a visual novel in Ren'py that would benefit from an interactive glossary. Ideally, I'd like words in the text box that are included in the glossary to be highlighted, and if the user ...
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Adding character stats/traits in Ren'py

I'm coding a relatively simple VN with RPG elements in Ren'py, with little prior programming knowledge. There's one aspect that I can't simplify further because it's important to the game's branches, ...
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In a visual novel game, What makes a story immersive?

I am planing to make a Visual Novel Game using RenPy and was wondering, how do I make the story immersive to the players playing? In this Horror Game, there will be drama, thrill and mystery to solve....
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In Ren'Py, how do I show a different image depending on variables?

At the start of my RenPy game, the player chooses a male or female character. The game plays out the same for both, save for some details. The problem is that I want to write: ...
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