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Transforming 3d point for depth testing

I have a ray and its direction is (o,d). Multiply it by the model matrix to rotate the model. ...
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how to offset a rays starting point

So the problem i am working with here is about rays piercing objects. Basically, a ray is created, it hits a piece of armor, and then some math happens, if it is able to pierce the armor, then I need ...
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How to detect if hit by raycast from object with name/tag

INTRODUCTION: In unity, I want to make a dynamic, object use system. Where the main player camera shoots a raycast when left mouse button is clicked and if an object that can be used for example a ...
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How to find if a Ray intersects a Triangle Clockwise or Counter Clockwise

I have a Triangle with an intersecting Ray. How can I find out if the triangle's vertices are in a clockwise or counter clockwise rotation order with respect to the Ray?
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Ray vs AABB (2D) reporting hits

I've been working a 2D ray versus AABB implementation. I worked it out on paper, then read about a popular "branchless" algorithm. I decied to try the branchless one, but it gives me ...
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