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Questions tagged [ragdoll]

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0 votes
0 answers

How to prevent jarring collision resolution when enabling a ragdoll?

After enabling a rigid body and collider on an object that is overlapping with another object, it applies a large amount of force to the object, so it jumps out of the overlap. The problem is worse ...
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0 answers

unity wrong ragdoll behavior on slowmotion

I use simple logic to make a slow-motion effect. It works fine but it makes ragdoll animations feel like they have no weight and move easily. This is the sample code: ...
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0 answers

3D Ragdoll, skinned mesh + three.js + cannon.js

I'm trying to develop a ragdoll from a skinned mesh, in three.js using cannon.js as physics engine. I'm struggling with a lookAt problem for bones. Let me explain the method I used. I made a skinned ...
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0 answers

How can I combine physics and animation to make a believable death sequence?

I am quite new to working with physics and rigidbodies. So far I've managed to push the body in the opposite direction from where they are hit by an arrow. But I am unsure of how I can combine this ...
0 votes
1 answer

How to Sync the Location After Getting Up from Ragdoll?

I am currently working on multiplayer fighting game and my game will have an anim->ragdoll when the player is knocked out and be able to getting up from it. My problem now is ragdoll is making my ...
3 votes
3 answers

2D Ragdoll - should it collide with itself?

I'm working on a ragdoll fighting game as a hobby project, but I have one dilemma. I am not sure if my ragdoll should collide with itself or not, i.e. if ragdoll's body parts should collide. 2D ...