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Can someone explain radiosity lighting to me?

I already have the basics of ambient occlusion down. I have a raycaster and am capable of shooting rays about a hemisphere uniformly. It seems like those are the basics of what are needed for ...
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Radiosity: Integrating Hemicubes

I'm working on a radiosity processor in DirectX 9. I have efficiently rendered hemicubes from the perspective of texels within a lightmap. Now, as I try to integrate the hemicubes (to sum the incident ...
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Hemispherical Projection

I'm trying to implement a radiosity processor. I'm aware of many places online to find information about radiosity. I found a great source on NVidia's website is GPU Gems - Chapter 39 . On this page ...
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Does radiosity work with skylight?

Does radiosity work with skylight (directional light)? From reading online it sounds like it was intended to work with point lights but I would really like to make it work with skylight if possible. ...
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Creating colour spectrum by light flux values

I am using radiosity method to compute the inter-reflected light within a room. The room is gridded into small patches and the light flux in lumen is calculated for each. This part is done. Now I want ...
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Why does Radiosity Normal Mapping use 3 directional components and not 5?

I have read the HL2 Paper and Presentation for Radiosity Normal Mapping. I am currently trying to implement it myself. I already managed to generate a single radiosity lightmap by drawing a hemicube ...
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