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Unity VR Max File Size

I have recently run into errors when building my Unity VR app for the Meta Quest 2 - and I wanted to check my understanding of something - from everything I've found it sounds like there is a max file ...
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How would you model quests in the database for the most variability?

I am using Postgres to create an Online RPG. I am creating a game and I want quests to be as variable as possible. I am wondering if JSONB is the solution. The alternative is to create a bunch of ...
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What is the canonical name of the interaction symbol over NPCs heads?

More often than not, 2D and 3D games markup interactive NPCs (and objects) with the exclamation mark symbol. Typically yellow. But of course, sometimes it's an "i" or a small cloud, or other ...
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How to use Inkle-style state machines to help with the creation of open world quests?

I've been fascinated by this talk ever since I watched it: GDC Vault Jon Ingold (Inkle) - Narrative Sorcery: Coherent Storytelling in an Open World It proposes an implementation to simplify the ...
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Diagramming quests with multiple paths when those paths can fail

I'm having a planning issue with writing quests for my game. Let me give an example: During one of the steps of a quest, the player is sent to a nightclub to ask some questions. There are several ways ...
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Mission system for a FPS game to force the player into following the storyline

Lately I've been working on a FPS game with a storyline in unity and I've encountered something that has been making my head explode for days. My objective is to be able to force the player to do a ...
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In a visual novel game with optional sidequests, how to encourage the sidequests without requiring them?

Context I'm working on a small visual novel-style game, telling the story of a defense attorney and investigator. The story is split into chapters, with each chapter being a new case, and there are ...
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Quest UI Display in Unity 2D

I have this quest manager script where I store all my quests for easy duplication. I'm adding a feature that gives the player the option to see his/her current to-do quest. The first thing I ...
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How do I make a quest requiring a certain number of a specific item?

I'm trying to create a quest (in RPG Maker MV) where the player has to collect 35 berries. But when I go to create the conditional branch, this is what I see: It does not let me add a number limit, ...
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Storing quests for an online RPG in a MySQL database

I'm creating an online RPG game and I've been looking around for a way to save players' progressions in quests in MySQL. I've been looking at Pim Jager's answer answer for a while and I've come to the ...
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Semi-procedural mission generation

I want to generate missions out of more or less predefined smaller chunks. Example mission structure: Mission type: Rescue Travel through forest Gather intel Choice: Sneak into castle (if it fails, ...
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PHP Quest System: Push or Polling?

I want to build a quest system in PHP. My idea so far was to create quests based on a class and write two functions for every quest: One is checking if its activated, the other will check the progress....
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Implementing Story and Quests in RPG

This question in very similar to this question, however I am still confused about how one would implement a story and quests in a finite state automaton RPG. This is my first game that I am making (...
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Quest and NPC System Design

I am developing a quest system for a game and am looking for the most abstract way to go about connecting the system to the NPC conversation system. This isn't much of a question about the code to do ...
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Branching quest system

I've started working in a quest system for my game, but I stumble in a zone where I have to many, if/else conditions to handle a quest, whether you have X and Y item in your inventory, whether you ...
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Format for storing quest data

Are there any format for storing quest data that can be processed independently by third-party tools? I don't want to code quests in code, because it will be hard to update and extend them, so I just ...
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Designing a scriptable questing system

I'm currently working on a scriptable questing system. As for scripting, I will probably use JavaScript, but I'd appreciate some help with the design of the system. My first attempt essentially ...
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How to structure complex global game state?

Assume you're working on an RPG like Fallout and you have all sorts of flags and variables tracking the state of the world. Stuff like: Talked to NPC X Opened chest Y Completed quest 1 Visited some ...
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Expiring timed actions a good idea?

We have an online game where players sometimes have to wait a while (say 30 minutes) before a process they intiated completes. This encourages them to come back later. An example of this is growing ...
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Scrolling Text in jMonkey

I am looking for a way to include scrolling text boxes in a jMonkey game. I have, of course, looked around online and could not find any examples or libraries that fit. My goal is to have "quests" ...
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jMonkey Quest Database

I am building a game in jMonkey (Java) and I have so far only used default quest text. But now I need to start populating a lot of quests with text. My design requires A LOT of quests texts. What is ...
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WoW lua: Getting quest attributes before the QUEST_DETAIL event

I'd like to determine the attributes of a quest (i.e., information provided by functions such as QuestIsDaily and IsQuestCompletable) before the player clicks on the quest detail. I'm trying to ...
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Tips for implementing MMO quest mechanics?

What tools, patterns, or best practices would you recommend to implement the quest mechanics given below listed requirements? I am talking about software architecture (how generic should you be) and ...
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Creating meaningful and engaging quests

Kill X number of monsters. Gather Y number of items (usually by killing X number of monsters). Deliver this NPC's package to this other NPC who is far far away. etc. Yeah. These quests are ...
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