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Multiplayer gameplay in which players are pitted against each other, rather than against a common computer-controlled enemy.

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MMORPG Design Question: Best idea for adding PvP(PlayerVsPlayer) in open world MMO? [closed]

Brief Explanation of game: Time Travel, one map, open world MMO called ChronoCraft. If you'd like to know more about the game, you're welcome to check out our twitter where we post some of our ...
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What to replicate in a PvP online action game?

We're developing a 2D PvP online action game. You can think of it like Super Smash Bros. We have a function call tree for characters like below: ...
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Is it possible to control the difficulty of a multiplayer game?

I'm developing a multiplayer game, played between 2 players. But in these types of games, there can only be 1 winner and 1 loser for per match. So for each player who wins, another player had to lose. ...
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How to help players find friends in a cross-platform mobile game?

Users on different platforms (iOS and Android) that play the game should be able to find each other and become friends in the game. They must have the possibility to invite other friends as well. The ...
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For a real-time PvP game, what network service would get the job done?

The game is between two players, real time, and has to be very synchronized - latency will certainly favor one player over the other. It's built for iOS and Android and every touch on one end has to ...
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Alternative ways to make a battle system in a mobile indie game more fun and engaging

I'm developing an indie game for mobile platforms, and part of the game involves a PvP battle system (where the target player is passive). My vision is simple: the active player can select a weapon/...
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Balance in online PvP games

I don't know if there's an accepted solution to this wicked problem. I'm thinking about the design of an online PvP game. A key aspect of the game, something that is just a given, and not my choice, ...
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How do/should MMOs handle disconnection during PvP?

In an MMO (not even necessarily an MMORPG) what are some techniques for dealing with players disconnecting in the middle of PvP? In particular - how do you avoid adversely affecting people who get ...
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