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The practice of building an early-stage sample or model to test a concept or process or to be replicated.

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Animation and Movement -- Prototyping Efficiently

I'm a solo dev working on prototyping my game's movement system. My character is intended to be agile and lightweight, with quick movement options and a knack for climbing. As we know, the key to ...
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How to protoype a multiplayer game whose fun comes from having lots of features

I've seen plenty of testimonies that to make a good game and not waste time, one should prototype early, quickly see if the core is fun as is, and not focus on graphics, menus, sound, secondary ...
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Next steps for students' project

I teach a basic course on game development, in which students design a game idea and write a digital prototype in Unity - about 5 minutes demonstrating the main idea and gameplay. Some of the teams ...
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Use ARCore to detect marker and show information

I'm new to AR, and am trying to use Google's ARCore to build a simple AR prototype. Basically if a logo is detected, I like to place some real-time charts or text information on the screen. Similar to ...
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Browser sandbox for object interaction testing

I’m looking for a sandbox where I can upload/import STL or OBJ files (rigid bodies that I can export from a CAD software) for quick interaction testing with gravity and contact. The idea is lowest ...
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Differences between storyboarding for game design vs. web design [closed]

I'm looking to UX and storyboard out a web adventure game. The goal being to have an area to show what the UI/UX would look like (mockups), and ability to add dialog/blurbs to describe the screen. I ...
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Creating HTML5 Canvas Objects in Javascript [closed]

I'm currently trying to learn how to make HTML5 Canvas games with JavaScript. I would like to use object oriented JavaScript to manage the elements of the game, but i'm having trouble. I've done a lot ...
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When prototyping, how can I more easily explore game behaviour?

I build indie games myself, but I'm usually out of energy once I've taken a newly developed game to a level where it's possible to play with behavior, so I settle for refinement instead of exploration....
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What does 'Discretizing Space' mean in the context of paper prototyping

I was browsing some lecture slides by Eric Anderson for his Cornell course CS 4154 (Analytics-driven Game Design). In a series of slides he mentions discretizing space as a way of paper prototyping ...
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Java High-Resolution Timer for a simple game

I want to work on a model of some kind of simple shape shooter game I would develop for either the desktop or the Android, using the libGDX library. There's something I want to incorporate into the ...
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Language & framework for fast prototyping Box2d problems [closed]

I am often in need of a fast prototype box2d scene where I can play with parameters. I work with AndEngine on Android which doesn't suit me for prototyping. It's good for the final game, but ...
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How do I prototype an online game? [closed]

I would like to know if you guys know of any libraries, engines, or even simply design patterns that heavily simplify the task of sharing information and sending of messages between networked programs,...
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Does a basic game engine prototyping tool exist, for common game types? [closed]

There are a lot of classic game engines out there (Real Time Strategy, Turn Based, etc), of which you can find countless variations. All of them have a basic starting point which involves units, ...
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What are my tool options to prototype a 2D online multiplayer game? [closed]

I'm looking for the best tool to allow me to quickly put together a 2D game that relies largely on networking. It's extremely likely that this game will require a server side program to constantly run....
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Do you prototype mobile touch games on the desktop with mouse input? What tricks do you use?

So I've been prototyping games that if completed would be mobile apps most likely. But, I'm developing them in XNA on the desktop because its the environment I like the most. I know I could target ...
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Is there an open source rhythm / music game framework? [closed]

I'm trying to build a very simple rhythm game (as a one-off art installation, not a commercial project) demonstrating a novel controller, but I've got an extremely short timeframe to do it in. Are ...
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Is HTML5 and Canvas good for rapid prototyping of games? [closed]

Are there frameworks and processes for HTMl5 that can be used for the rapid prototyping of 2D games?
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A good way to prototype game ideas? [closed]

We, as in my 4 person indie group, have an entire whiteboard that looks like graffiti for prototyping our game ideas. We look at it every day and choose which idea draws us in the most when we near ...
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"Model Driven" Game Prototyping

Are there any known libs / frameworks / systems allowing to prototype a game based on a defined "model" of the game mechanics? Think all those match 3 games, i'm looking for "something" allowing to ...
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What are the biggest pitfalls to consider when developing a new game?

I actually just started tracing (thanks David Young for the nomenclature correction) a couple of new web-based games for Facebook a few weeks ago and I have just been inundated with mental blocks and ...
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How to know when your game concept is simply not fun and to stop

I'm a new hobbyist game developer but have yet to come up with something original that I found to be really fun. The hardest part I find about game development is this: You have an idea that in your ...
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Recommended 2D Game Engine for prototyping [closed]

What high-level game engine would you recommend to develop a 2D game prototype on windows? (or mac/linux if you wish) The kind of things I mean by "high-level" includes (but is definitely not limited ...
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Which for basic RTS prototype: Unity or Torque? [closed]

I'm wanting to test my hand at writing an RTS (something I've never gotten very far with), and so I'm looking for an indie engine that would give me the most success with a quick setup that I can then ...
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When creating quick prototypes, is it better to use the language you are going to use in the end?

I have been working with SFML(C++) and Flash(AS3) and usually creating prototypes for some ideas I have. Is it better to use the language you are going to use in the end (C++ usually) or use ...
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