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Questions tagged [protocol]

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Euro Truck Simulator Standard Telemetry Format

My son's enjoying Euro Truck Simulator 2 on a Windows PC. I've ben looking a the SDK to extend its functionality. I thought it would be useful to serve the telemetry and build a physical dashboard ...
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Binary Serialization and Protocol

i found this page Protocols. I'm currently working on a game similar to agario and i find that page is helpful for my game. They using WebSocket for sending game messages which is mine too. But i'm ...
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3 answers

Synchronizing over UDP

I have two apps communicating over UDP. One of the apps is a remote control and the other is a robot. When the robot has some new data, for example a new sensor ...
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I made a library that enables client-server communication using both TCP and UDP protocols. When game developers on the #gamedev IRC channel (Freenode) knew that, they totally refused the idea. They ...
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PHP development for online games [closed]

I am not pro on programming and games but i had developed an online browser-based game with php . Now i am creating a game like a chess that it do not needs an live-stream and FPS data exchanges. I ...
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Should I ping for a TCP-based game?

I have a head-to-head game where two players communicate through a server based on TCP. I am planning to implement a ping/pong mechanism in order to detect network disconnection situations. For ...
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Are there any guidelines/articles/tutorials for creating a network protocol for games? [closed]

I am currently developing a little 2D sandbox game with multiplayer functionality in XNA 4.0 and the latest lidgren-lib for networking. I found myself quickly at a point where sending a players ...
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League of Legends Spectator Stream Format

Intro I have been fiddling around with the spectator system for LoL in hopes of eventually scraping data from the streams and building a dataset with it for analysis. I understand that there are ...
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How to define a proper protocol for a turn-based combat system?

I'm working on the server side of a turn-based strategy game. The game has a really complex combat system, like: When you are hit, you summon a phoenix to attack the enemy that deals X damage, and ...
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Choosing the correct network protocol for my type of game (its Wc3 Warlock style)

I need to code a little game for a school project. The type of the game is like the Warcraft 3 map "Warlock", if anyone doesnt know it, here is a short description: up to ten players spawn into an ...
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Authentication for a multiplayer game via sockets

I'm implementing a custom binary protocol for a new multiplayer game I'm working on. Its a turn-based strategy game so timing doesn't really matter. I've currently got the basic data sync portion of ...
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