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How to set the camera projection matrix so that its 4 rays always exactly hit the corners of a defined rectangle?

I have a camera, and I have a rectangle drawn in an arbitrary plane. I need to change the projection matrix of the camera so that the rays along the edges of the camera's frustum always hit the ...
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6 votes
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How does a game like Enter the Gungeon handle forward and backwards movement with their orthographic set up?

So I've been scratching my head at this problem for over a week now, and would love some insight from anyone who might know a bit more. In my game I have the floor flat on the X/Z plane with walls/...
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1 answer

HLSL pixel inside a view (cascaded shadowmapping)

I'm figuring out shadowmapping in HLSL (see also this question). I understand that I need projection matrices for each cascading shadowmap. I use this code to create the projections: ...
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