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Questions tagged [projectile]

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How can I predict if a Guided Projectile can hit a stationary Target (with no adjustments to aim)?

I'm trying to predetermine if a projectile will hit a target (before the projectile has been fired). The projectile settings include an Initial Speed, Acceleration, Max Speed, and a Turn Rate. I'm ...
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Spawning projectile: it's there but does not show

Here is the code and very simple. I can see the object in the blue print and has nothing except the object itself. so all the issue should be on the C++ code. ...
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How to model the double jump in Super Mario using projectile motion

So the single jump in Super mario games follows a curved trajectory of the formula s = s0 + v0t + ½ at2. The double jump in mario consists of two different parabolas combined. I know that the max ...
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Optimize spawn & destroy? (Unreal Engine)

I'd really like to know how you'd go about optimizing this? 20 actors each spawning 8 projectiles per 0.1 sec which are then destroyed 0.8 seconds later, all done through blueprints Gif: https://gyazo....
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