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The value of gameplay hours [closed]

When you buy flooring there is a price per sq foot and it's based on the quality of the material. Some want expensive, some want cheap, some want middle of the road. Can the same idea be applied to ...
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MMO pricing model

How do companies that have a monthly subscription come up with what the monthly price will be? For example Blizzard worked on WoW for many years and then came up with $15/mo. What all goes into ...
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Is DirectX free for commercial use?

This question isn't gamedev per se but it is definitely relevant. Still, if it's off-topic, please direct me to the proper SE page. This question has probably already come up many times but I'd like ...
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Playing Time and value for purchases [closed]

I realize this is a nebulous question with no hard and fast answer. Just curious if there are any rules of thumb regarding playing times for a game/puzzle mobile app. Of course, value cannot be judged ...
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Where does the money to make a video game come from?

So 360/ps3 video games takes a few months to a few years to make I assume. If so where does the money to pay employees and costs of everything needed to make the game come from during those few months/...
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How much would it cost to produce a game engine, and website to sell it from? [closed]

I've been considering for a long time how much it would cost to hire developers and programers to make a game engine and website for the engine? Posibly even some graphic designers for game engine ...
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What is the "pricing standard" on Windows Phone?

On iOS, I find it is more usual to see light versions of a game for free (with ads and less features) and a full version for a cost and all the features. On Android, I see more games that have both a ...
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How do you decide upon the price for a game?

I hope this is the right board for the question. I have this idea for a game, programming Skills with C++ and a licensed Engine. I already made a prototype of the game as proof of concept and a few ...
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What is a fair price to pay for music licensing for a commercial game? [closed]

What is a fair price range for already existing (not custom-made) music if it's intended for a commercial game? The music I have in mind is relatively unknown (independent music) and I'm already in ...
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