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a doorway or opening that connects two areas of the game space, even if those areas aren't adjacent & aligned in the physical layout of the environment. Players can typically see and move through the portal into the linked space. Portals were most famously used in the Valve's Portal game series, where the player can shoot linked portals onto various surfaces and traverse between them to solve puzzles.

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How to reduce required memory when collecting cells in a portal engine that represent open areas?

My engine is based on Cells and Portals. From the Current Cell, I traverse the portals recursively. While doing so, I cache the clipping rect. When rendering the cells, I use the cached clipping rect ...
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How can I reduce a frustum to the subset that passes through a portal AABB?

I'm trying to implement portal based occlusion culling: There are sectors and portals. When a portal is visible, the sector it is connected to is rendered. The sector is made of polygons and ...
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Recreating A Puzzle Effect Using Stencils

I'm trying to recreate something I saw on reddit a while back. I tried rendering camera output onto planes, but am not getting the results that I want -- this is basically what I'm trying to recreate: ...
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Rendering portals using stencil buffer

Due to this question I have changed the method of rendering portals. Before I was using FBO and rendering to a texture, but somehow I failed. Now I switched to a stencil buffer method. My problem is ...
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Portal physics by bending space

I've been thinking about how to implement a portal, and after a quick search, everyone seems to do it by adding a camera per portal and then just update the other portal's view with that camera's view....
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