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Questions tagged [portals]

a doorway or opening that connects two areas of the game space, even if those areas aren't adjacent & aligned in the physical layout of the environment. Players can typically see and move through the portal into the linked space. Portals were most famously used in the Valve's Portal game series, where the player can shoot linked portals onto various surfaces and traverse between them to solve puzzles.

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2 answers

Impossible rooms in 3D games

recently I was playing The Stanley Parable, and noticed that there are several impossible spaces in the game - in this example, a pair of pillars in the middle of the room, which from each side appear ...
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Is there anything equivalent to Portal 2's linked_portal_door in any other engines? [closed]

I need the functionality of the linked_portal_door that's in Portal 2. I've searched a little in UDK and mostly got people trying to duplicate the portal gun. Does anyone know if UDK, CryEngine, ...
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How does a segment-based rendering engine (as in Descent) work?

As far as I know Descent was one of the first games that featured a fully 3D environment, and it used a segment based rendering engine. Its levels are built from cubic segments (these cubes may be ...
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With what projection matrix should I render a portal to a texture?

I'm using OpenGL. I have problem with my engine's portal implementation. To create the first portal I do: create a virtual camera with the position of the second portal and the correct orientation ...
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