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PolygonCollider2D components do not work properly in iOS build

I'm trying to figure out why my polygon colliders default to pentagon shapes when I build my app and test it on a device. I have a scene with some blocks you can drag around where the colliders work ...
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OnPointer events trigger when entering transform, not on custom collider

I want to create a custom UI, specifically an action wheel which offers different actions depending on where or what was clicked. To do that, I create circle segments (slices). I also create a custom <...
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What is an alternative solution to the problem of polygon collider2D not following character (animation)movement?

A 2D game and a bird's eye view of the character. This character, who has a knife in his hand, swings the knife by waving his arm, just at this time, I look at "polygon collider2d" from the ...
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How to align the Polygon Collider 2D in Unity to match the position of Sprite?

How to align the Polygon Collider 2D in Unity to match the position of Sprite? I have a game object. It has a Sprite Renderer with an image. Now I add a Polygon Collider 2D component to the game ...
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Pygame polygon click detection

Here is my problem: I am creating a game and I have a board made out of polygons (hexagons). I want to be able to click on the different tiles but I can't find a simple method. I understood how to ...
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Is a simple PolygonCollider2D really worse than several BoxCollider2Ds?

In my scene I have very simple quadrilateral blocks, which I'm considering using PolygonCollider2D for. These blocks will be the building blocks of the scenery so ...
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Unity Generating PolygonCollider from mesh

I generated a procedural mesh using marching squares and the MeshFilter component (it's 2 dimensional). Now I got the point that I need do collision detection with ...
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