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8 answers

Determining Poker Hands

I have been making a Texas Hold'Em game as a part of an assessment, and I have been mulling over how to examine the 7 available cards and determine if hands exist. The only possible method I can ...
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Can you show rng code running in real time in a game?

First off, I know almost nothing about game development/rng but I will learn. So apologies for sounding uninformed. I want to make a sandbox ios game with several activities to do within, one of which ...
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License for a casino game with virtual money (chips)

Do I need a specific license for operating a casino game (lets say poker Hold'em or video slots) that players are supposed to play with virtual money (chips) only? I am speaking about games like Zynga ...
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Poker AI's designed for casual play

DISCLAIMER: So I asked this on StackOverflow and was told it was not a good question for the community but was suggested to check here. If this question sucks or just doesn't belong here either, feel ...
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How to sort poker hands? c++

The examples below come from the answer by Steven Stadnicki in Determining Poker Hands Suppose a player get a hand like A9772. I would like to store the hand as either 77A92 or, better yet, 7A927. A ...
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Text-based hold 'em game in C using TCP

So I'm trying to create a simple text input Texas Hold 'Em game that can be played in a Terminal between multiple computer. (Disturbing lack of hold 'em games that don't require Facebook integration ...
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Sequencing interaction between rendering/animation and game logic in Poker game

I am building a two-player(CPU-User) Poker application with C++ and OpenGL. Currently the application just renders the graphics, keeps track of which button is pressed, value entered in textbox ...
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How to solve this card game turn requestes clashing issue

So I am developing a poker card game using JS +node.js + It is turn-based game. There will be a host and 4 other players.The flow is the players need to make a yes/no choice, then the host ...
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