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The fourth video game console developed and produced by Sony, and the successor to the PlayStation 3. It competes with Microsoft's Xbox One, Nintendo's Wii U and the Switch.

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How to detect when console system time was changed since the game was last run, without a net connection?

As an example of the behaviour I want to implement in my game, look at Bloons TD 5 on the PS4/PS5 and its Daily Chest Reward. If you disconnect the internet and change the date and time and play the ...
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What do you call the logic gates visual programming of PS4 Dreams?

The PlayStation 4's Dreams app has a visual programming framework made up of sensors (detect touch, a person etc.), logic gates (AND, NOT, splitters etc.), wires, and action outputs (move somewhere, ...
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What do game developers do when they have to port their DirectX games to PS4/Switch?

I'm not a game developer (hope to be one day though!) and was wondering how devs handle porting their games that use DirectX to PS4/Switch? From what I know neither supports DirectX, only OpenGL, and ...
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How to log how much time a user been playing with game console?

I want to create a solution for game centers which they own different game consoles, is there any way to log each user playing time and gather all of this info into a pc? if yes how is it possible?
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Vibration/Rumble with PS4 Pad and LPDIRECTINPUTDEVICE8

I actually try to make my PS4 Pad rumble. I get the pad capabilities with ...
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JVM for PS4 Console

can i take an open source JVM for java and modify it to make java games to be executed by consoles like PS4, Xbox one or Switch? edit: the license of JVM have to let me do as i want with the JVM, i ...
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Are there special APIs used to make PS4 games?

Game engines can build games for PS4, but how are those engines written to support it? Is there any special kind of support, API or something provided by the PS4? Does it have like a new programming ...
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How do game designers create vibration patterns?

I am curious about creating and implementing vibration patterns for console controllers (for the PS4 controller, if it makes a difference). There is a delay and motor speed parameter right? But also ...
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Playstation 4 OpenGL ES support (or Xbox) [closed]

I know that the Playstation 3 supported at least OpenGL ES 1.0, and the Vita OpenGL ES 2.0. But what about the Playstation 4 (and/or the new PS4 Pro)? Does anyone know for certain if it has native ...
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Can I release any sort of app or game on the PlayStation Store?

I'd like to develop a game, and try it out mainly on the Playstation 4. Can I build any game, or app, and release it on the Playstation Store? Or does Sony only allow what it wants in the store, much ...
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How do I get access to the PS4 platform tools for Unity?

I know that you can go to the "Xbox ID" program to get all the resources you need for the Xbox platform (developer forums, Unity SDK, etc.). but there is not really information about how to get the ...
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Transferring my OpenGL PC game to PS4 and/or XBox One [closed]

I want to transfer my OpenGL PC game to consoles, PS4 and/or XBox One. It's a complex application, where many calculations (incl. fast fourier transformations) via FBOs and Transformfeedback are ...
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Unity WheelCollider motorTorque acceleration with ps4 triggers

I'm fairly new to Unity and i'm struggling to find some answers. Every car script and wheelCollider tutorial I can find is based in the horizontal and vertical axis and that works great. But I'd like ...
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What are the risks of targeting Steam, XBLA and PSN for game releases? [closed]

Say that I spend 6-12 months working on a game, submit it to Steam, XBLA, and PSN and I get rejected. Does that mean I just wasted 6-12 months for nothing? Seems like a really big risk in my opinion. ...
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Accessing DualShock 4 motion sensor in Windows (ideally Unity)

I'm trying to use a DualShock 4's IMU as a motion controller in Unity, under Windows 7. So far I've tried: DS4Windows (1.5.11): reads motion sensor data, but does not expose them to Unity as axes ...
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Can I use Node.js on consoles?

I was wondering if Node.js was suitable for making games and apart from threads and engines, a big problem is can I port my game to Xbox or PS3/PS4?
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How does one publish games on XBox One and PS4 if not in one of the allowed countries? [closed]

We want to publish our game on XBox One & PS4. According to Sony & Microsoft they plan to allow indie developers to self-publish games. Unfortunately this is their requirement: Sony ...
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What's the process for making a PS4 game?

Now that Sony has said that devs can self publish for PS4, I'm betting that a lot more people will be interested in producing games for that platform. What is the process for getting the SDK, ...
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