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when do anti-piracy measures become malware?

I have been implementing anti-piracy measures in my game and I'm wondering at what point do things start getting shady? For example, if I know with 10000% certainty that the software is pirated, I was ...
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Unity Data files: Players getting around Steam by replacing the demo's data files with the full version's data and then refunding it

A player just reported that it's easy to play the full version of my (fully offline) Unity game for free by just: Buy the full game. Back up the data files. Refund the full game. Get the demo version....
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How does "internet connection required" protect from piracy on mobile phones?

Sometimes I can't play a paid Android platform game because it requires an internet connection, and I'm in a place where 3G doesn't work. Here is my understanding so far: The game is a "good old ...
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Do I need to add an anti-piracy system to my game if I publish on

Do I need to add an anti-piracy system to my game if I decide to publish it on or a similar marketplace? The investment to add that system is small, because it's a simple serial code generator....
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How can I protect beta test versions of my game from piracy?

I want to open my game for public feedback and testing quite early as such certain features like steams coming soon might not be available. How could I protect my game against being pirated around ...
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How do PC/Mac games detect piracy?

I was recently reading an article about clever ways programmers have protected their games from pirates, such as the creators of Game Dev Tycoon. This made me curious: how do they detect that the copy ...
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Simple Anti-piracy techniques [duplicate]

I'm releasing a game soon and thinking about adding some simple anti-piracy techniques. It's an offline adventure game but I'm thinking of doing a quick background check on startup for updates if ...
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Has piracy ever resulted in a developer getting shut down?

Has piracy EVER resulted in a developer getting shut down? That is, has piracy ever been so detrimental that it brought about the downfall of a game studio? If I were to release a game, should I be ...
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How can I minimize the chances of my game getting pirated?

I am planning to make a small game in the near future. How can I minimize the chances of it being pirated?
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