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Generally speaking; the order of different stages in a workflow. One example is the order in which certain methods and tools are used when graphical assets for games are produced and then imported into the game engine. Another example is the order in which graphical information is processed inside a graphics card.

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How many Pipelines in a Typical Rendered Scene DirectX12

I'm learning DirectX12 right now and I'm missing a few pieces of the puzzle in my own head on the overall structure of how you would setup a game. Specifically, I'm trying to get an idea of how ...
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First time working on 3D game: exporting steps after designer finishes 3D characters?

First time making a 3D game so could use advice. The designer is creating 3D characters with Cinema 4D ( What steps are required to go from his ...
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Best practices for treating Light Volumes in Deferred Lighting pipeline

This topic is about ways to handle light volumes in a deferred lighting pipeline. I currently have a deferred lighting pipeline where spheres are sent to an openGL GLSL lighting shader. The sphere ...
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Why does reverse depth buffering provide more precision? (with DXGI_FORMAT_D24_UNORM_S8_UINT Datatype layout)

I lately came around methods optimizing the use of the depth buffer, as the easiest solution reverse depth buffering is mentioned but I cannot wrap my head around why I would be gaining a better depth ...
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Render Queue Sorting - Best method for generating sorting IDs

I'm trying to implement a method for sorting my renderable items before drawing them into screen. To do so, I have been tinkering with the idea of using an 64 bit key to store the state of each ...
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Is naming convention a good base for a sorting and tagging system for game assets?

TLDR: what are the pros and cons of using a naming convention for tagging and sorting game assets? for the UI to search and handle it for devs and gamers to move files around I am building a game ...
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