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Questions tagged [pipeline]

Generally speaking; the order of different stages in a workflow. One example is the order in which certain methods and tools are used when graphical assets for games are produced and then imported into the game engine. Another example is the order in which graphical information is processed inside a graphics card.

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Engine Rendering pipeline : Making shaders generic

I am trying to make a 2D game engine using OpenGL ES 2.0 (iOS for now). I've written Application layer in Objective C and a separate self contained RendererGLES20 in C++. No GL specific call is made ...
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How do I turn an image into a Box2D physics object?

I'm using Box2D for a Game Programming course, and I was wondering if it is possible to choose the best shape and size of shape for the rigidbody/fixture for a sprite based on its transparency. I've ...
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Tool to create a bitmap font from a true type font [closed]

What tool do you use to convert ttf fonts to bitmap fonts? Following is a list of features I'm looking for. I'd be happy with any tool really, but one that had these features would be better. ...
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Precomputing Visibility

Having noticed that UDK (Unreal) and Unity 3 include similar pre-computed visibility solutions that unlike Quake are not dependent on level geometry, I've been trying to figure out how the calculation ...
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Graphics Pipeline, how exactly it works and how graphics card interprets it?

I've looked at this Wikipedia's link,, but the article lacks in-depth explanation. The only thing, I suppose, I understand and can expand upon, is, ...
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